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Golden Lion Tamarim

No description

Shakera Parrish

on 1 May 2012

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Transcript of Golden Lion Tamarim

Golden Lion Tamarim The golden lion tamarin is a squirrel-sized monkey found in southeastern coastal Brazil, in dense lowland rain forest. It is named for the mane of fur around its head and its bright coloration, which ranges from pale gold to a rich reddish-gold, with variable black markings, particularly on the tail. Golden lion tamarin groups may be as large as 12-14 individuals, but most groups are smaller, with 5 or 6 being a typical group size. Many golden lion tamarin groups are composed of an adult pair and their young from recent litters. However, some groups contain two adult males, both of which may breed with the reproductive female. Some groups may also contain two breeding females. Golden lion tamarin groups are very territorial - when neighboring groups meet, they face off, calling loudly and chasing each other, but actual fights or injuries are rare. The average territory for a golden lion tamarin group is about 100 acres (40 ha). Why would a small group of monkeys need so much space? Believe it or not, they may need that much space to find enough food, particularly in the Brazilian winter, when fruit and insects are scarce Golden lion tamarins are small orange-yellow monkeys, weighing 500 to 600 grams. They live in the heavily populated coastal region of Brazil, where less than two percent of the forest remains Golden lion tamarins inhabit the Atlantic coastal forest of Brazil. In Poço ("POH-so") das Antas, they prefer swamp forest, which contains many vines and bromeliads, and has a high density of fruit and animal foods. Because all of this land has been logged in the past, we don't know what kind of habitat GLTs originally preferred. thank you for watching :)
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