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No description

Marlena Fioretti

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of PEER PRESSURE

-In Tangerine, Arthur Bauer is pressured into doing bad things

-He steals so he can stay friends with Erik and fit into the Erik Fisher Football Dream.
"He has found himself a place in the Erik Fisher Football Dream, and he will do anything to stay there." (Bloor 41)
Peer pressure impacts the United States by influencing teenager's decisions, ranging from the clothes they wear to the type of music they listen to.
(Peer Pressure: It's)
"69% often feel pressured to try new things like food, music, movies, etc. 68% often feel pressured to improve their grades. 67% often feel pressured to dress or look a certain way. 44% often feel pressure to lie, steal, or cheat." (Latest)
I often feel pressured to improve my grades
social pressure by members of one's peer group to take a certain action, adopt certain values, or otherwise conform in order to be accepted. (Dictionary)
-Peer pressure starts when a child or teenager feels the need to fit in.
-If they want to fit in a group they may feel pressured to do something they don't want to do.
When does peer pressure start?

-"During early adolescence in particular" (Peer Pressure: It's)

-New/ foreign students
Who is affected by peer pressure?
By: Marlena Fioretti, Megan Robinson, Mackenzie Gosnell
Where is this problem occurring?

-"The average age of respondents was 13 years old and most of the respondents live in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia." (Latest)

-People in these countries are aware of the problem.
What are the solutions to peer pressure?
What solutions already exist in the U.S already?
The solutions, such as finding real friends and sticking up for yourself already exist throughout the world. However, some targets of peer pressure haven't resulted into these solutions and are still being peer pressured. (Brunelle)
What creative solutions can your group create to resolve peer pressure in the world?
One creative solution to peer pressure is to use your parents as the reason you can't do what the person pressuring you wants you to do. (Brunelle)
What are the best solutions to solving peer pressure?
-find real friends who accept you
-stick up for yourself
-blame it on your parents
-blame it on your parents
-stick up for yourself
-find true friends
by: Megan Robinson, Marlena Fioretti, Mackenzie Gosnell
To go to annotated bibliography go to the website below:

Why does this problem need to be solved?
-"Anyone who persists and keep bugging you isn't really your friend." (US)
-It is having a negative impact on teenager's lives.
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