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Skeleton System

No description

laylay Turlington

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Skeleton System

A big part of your body is your skeleton. the skeleton is what gives a frame on the rest of the body parts hang is like your muscle,organs,skin and bones. also store a mineral called clacium.which is important for your nerves and hart and other organs as well as providing bones their "hardness.
facts about skeleton systems
Skeleton System
by AlajiaTurlington

skeleton help move your body is by working together with your muscles in skeleton system do a lot of mour things.
how do skeleton help move your body
The largest bone is the pelvis .or hip bone.in fact it is made of six bones joined frimly together.The longest bone is the femur; in the thigh.It make up almost one quarter of the body's total height.The smallest bone is the 'Stirrup
: deep in your ear.
body system facts and picture
Around 70 percent of your bones are not living tissue,but hard minerals like calcium.The out side of the bone is called the Cortical bone .It's hard,smooth,and solid.
skeleton bones.
illnesses that can get on your skeleton
What do a skeleton look like.
A skeleton is something that is in everybody that's is how people can move there body. Becouse if you did not have bones in your body your body will look like this. And with bones look like this.
A rare or '' orphan'' disease affects fewer then 200,000 people, according to the national organization for Rare Diseases [Nord] of the united states. there are more then 6,000 rare disorders that ,taken together,affect approximately 25 million Americans.
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