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Magic in 'The Tempest'

No description

Natalie Wofford

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Magic in 'The Tempest'

Magic in 'The Tempest'
Books (magic) = power
Prospero's power
Magic: It is ironically Prospero's fascination with magic which causes him to lose his power; his mind drifts from his dukedom.
Caliban infers that without his books, Prospero is not powerful.
To retain his dukedom, Prospero must give up his magic.
Mythical noises and magical music
As Caliban says, 'the isle is full of noises'.
Many of the characters are seduced by the music,
Prospero's power is behind most of these noises, from the dogs to thunder.
Practice analytical task
Now go back to your quotations.

Choose a quotation that you would like to analyse and write a brief analytical paragraph referring to that quotation and magic.
Essay questions
1. What is the difference between Prospero's 'Art' and Sycorax's 'magic'?
2. "Prospero's reliance on magic shows that he is clearly unfit to rule" Discuss
3. The magic in 'The Tempest' is only ever misused. To what extent do you agree with this?
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