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Chat Web

Our chatter BOX

Natabby Herzison

on 28 January 2011

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Transcript of Chat Web

Hey Natalie! Don't you love this idea?
Here's what we'll do. I think that we should draw lines from the last CHAT BOX, and then we will have a linear conversation going..... So.... I'll start. How is your Christmas break going? So far, mine is pretty good. I can't believe that it is already Chrismas Eve! It seems like we haven't waited at all! I almost wonder if this is a dream, and that I am just about to wake up. Are you feeling the same way? OK Abby, tht sounds good. This is awesome because we can talk about anything we want! Are we the only people that know about this? Yes Abby I feel the exact same. my break is good so far. but I
miss seeing you and seeing my
other friends. You know what I
mean? yeah..... I feel that way too
I told you that break would get old once Xmas was over! Gosh, I knew that I would miss school! Hey, what kinds of things did you get?
Wait, did you already tell me this?
Do you like the font I picked out? idk if i told you, but i gota big suitcase
kit, clothes, money, wii games, DVDs, games
and much more. What else did you get besides
the ipod touch? I do like the font you
picked out a lot. Oh thank you... Hey, get my gecko message? SOOOO EXCITED! I think I already told you about what I got... since we have been back at school since break. Yes, we are the only ones with knowledge of this site... C U tomorrow.. --------- I did get your gecko messages! That's so exciting! I'm glad we only know about this, and we should not tell anyone becuse it might hurt their feelings because they might feel leftout. Yep c u today sometime! Hey... what should we talk about?
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