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Why the driving age should be lowered to 15.

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hollee tompkin

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Why the driving age should be lowered to 15.

Why the driving age should be lowered to 15.
-reaction time is a key thing in driving. the younger you are the faster your reaction time is. witch will decrease the amount of accidents that happen.
-driving is like a privilege to teens. so why not give them a privilege and a responsibly together that can be taken away just by taking the wrong turn.
illegal driving.
Most teens now that are not legal to drive will drive illegally. today you will see teens driving on the back roads and in the country illegally.
Visibility, Jobs, Ext...
-teens have better visibility when they are younger than when they are older.
-it wound help young teens get jobs quicker so they can make there own money.
-it wound also be great for the family to because the teen could run errand or pick there little brother or sister from school or games and stuff like that.
driving age should be lowered.
Driving is all about responsibility. Some people say that it should stay the same for many reasons one being that teens are not responsible enough. If we lowered the driving age it would help make teens more responsible.

Why the driving age should be lowered.
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