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Bluford High Series - Anne E Schraff

No description

Esto Rivera

on 17 January 2012

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Transcript of Bluford High Series - Anne E Schraff

Bluford High Series Books Read Author Study - Anne E. Schraff We recommend that
All teen readers should read
The Bluford High Series and many other books by Anne Schraff because they teach life lessons and have very good morals in the end of the book Lost And Found Anne Schraff has many different types and styles of writing.
As said earlier, she has written many different types of genres of
books for the audience of young adult/teen readers. The books
I have read by Schraff have all been particulalry about young
African-American boys and girls going through struggles in life.
Schraff likes to write about real-life situations and scenarios that people
my age can relate to. The online sites and librarys say that it is fictional
stories but I personally believe they are based on some truth as well. 1939 - Anne E. Schraff was born in Cleveland, OH
1942 - Anne's Father died
1943 through 1950 - Anne traveled the U.S. with family
1952 through 1958 - Anne worked and wrote stories
throughout her teenage years
1959/1960 - Anne got a story published in a magazine
1963/1964 - Anne graduated from California State Univ.
1967 through 1977 - Anne taught highschool at
The Academy Of Our Lady Of Peace
in San Diego, CA
2002 - Anne got her popular book "Lost And Found" published Biography of Anne Schraff Author's Style Major Events in the life of Anne Schraff She was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and earned a B.A. and M.A. from California State University, Northridge. Schraff taught high school from 1967 to 1977 at the Academy of Our Lady of Peace, San Diego, California. But Schraff always wanted to be a writer and sold her first story, “Stage to Hell,” to a western magazine while she was a college freshman. She pretended to be a male by signing the story A. E. Schraff. The editor didn’t know until he’d bought a dozen of her stories. Since then she has sold hundreds of stories and more than eighty books including historical fiction, biographies, science books, and her favorite, fictional books for young people. Someone To Love Me Until We Meet Again Secrets In The Shadows A Matter Of Trust Blood Is Thicker Anne E. Schraff Lost and Found Darcy Wills is in big trouble. And she does not know where to turn for help. First there was the mysterious stranger who started following her. Then there was the threatening note left on her desk at Bluford High School. And now her sister has disappeared. Forced into a desperate race against time, Darcy must take action to save her sister--and her fragile family--before it is too late. This is the first book in the Bluford High series. Until We Meet Again Sequel to A Matter of Trust, this story continues the tale of the Wills family. Darcy learns that Hakeem, her first boyfriend, is moving out of the state. Then her grandmother's health declines and some mysterious new person comes into her life. This is the 7th book in the series. Someone To Love Me This story is about Cindy Gibson, a Bluford freshman who first appears in Lost and Found. Cindy struggles with a stormy relationship with
her mother, ongoing trouble at school,
a dangerous boyfriend, and worse.
The question is, Will her fragile family be able
to survive? This is the 4th book in the series. Secrets In The Shadows This book focuses on Roylin Bailey, a Bluford sophomore who appears in A Matter of Trust. Roylin makes a terrible mistake: He steals money to buy a gift for the girl of his dreams.. And finds himself in a nightmare he cannot escape. This is the 3rd book in
the series. A Matter Of Trust As you can see, this book happens
to play a big part in many of the other
books in the series, yet it's the second book not the first. I didn't really expect that. The sequel to Lost and Found. this book centers on Darcy's growing conflict with her old friend, Brisana Meeks. Amid jealousy and competition, Darcy fights for her relationship with Hakeem Randall and struggles with her fears over her own family's future. Blood Is Thicker This happens to be my favorite book in the whole series. It's the book that got me hooked on Bluford High. This book is the sequel to Until We Meet Again and follows the story of Hakeem Randall after his big move to Detroit because of his dad's sickness. He has to move in with his cousin, which is hard because he hasn't seen him in a long time and they don't talk. Far from Bluford High, Hakeem quickly finds himself in a world of trouble, and his family is at the center of it. To complicate matters, a new girl hopes to make him forget Darcy forever. Presentation by Esteban Rivera & Charley Coats
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