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No description

Fergie Ferg

on 23 April 2018

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Transcript of Post-modernism

The combining of lots of little elements from lots of different genres.
Post modernism is.....

Bricolage - picking and choosing from different genres.
Hybrid genres
Hyper consensus (experimenting with the form/being aware that they are a constructed text)

What is post modernism?
Post-modernism has been around since the early 20th century and can be applied to many things.

"Modernism" became popular after the horrors of World War one. It is rejection of classical and traditional ideas and the sense that you are striving for something new.
A parody involves the open imitation of something that already exists and changing or adapting it in order to add both comic effect and playfulness.
Post modernism is about moving beyond conventional structures altogether.
Nothing is new and we can pick and choose from everything that has gone before.

It can also be applied to texts that are aware they are texts.

It is difficult to define, but there are several characteristics that post-modern texts have in common.
Hyper - Consensus
This describes how postmodernist text are often aware of themselves. This can be done in many ways for example breaking down the fourth wall.
Unseen practice
Last week we looked at Moral Panics. Explain to your partner what this term means.
Hand in homework
So after this kind of destruction....
People wanted calm and order.
Clean structured lines......
This is modernism
Modern sculpture by Calder.
Clean lines, structure is exposed.
Intertextual references/intertextuality
This allows the text to openly imitate famous moments/ideas from other sources
A pastiche is a close imitation of a previous source, as postmodernism looks to the past for inspiration. Again this comes from the postmodern idea that culture eats itself. By this they mean that the believe that all ideas have been done and so we have entered a time where the popular images of the past are reinvented again and again.
Nothing is new!
Hybrid genres
Nothing is new
Everything is influenced by something else
Media issue/debate
Is there such a thing as an original media product?
Why might Deadpool be considered a post modern text?
Intertextuality, Bricolage, Hyper consensus, Pastiche/Parody
Why could Shaun of the Dead be described as a post modern text?
Hybrid genre
Why can Shaun Of The Dead be described as a post modern text?
P. One reason that Shaun Of The Dead can be described as post modern is because of the use of....

E. We see this when......

E. This could attract an audience because.......
Another reason that Shaun Of The Dead can be described as post modern is....
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