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Becoming an Actress

No description

Taylor Ann Tanner

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Becoming an Actress

Whats an Actor or Actress? Acting action. There is a difference between an actor and actress. Actor Actress girl boy To become an actress or actor you have to first have an agent. My agent Good question watch this clip to see an example of acting... I am currently trying to begin my acting career, in order to start a career you must begin with the basic steps. You want to have a motivation to become an actor, trust me its not as easy as it sounds to just step into. It takes a lot of work and talent to hit Hollywood! Lets take a look at step one People's second step can go differently, for most your agent can get you a commercial job or maybe sometimes a simple movie job! Either way its a start and from there you'll get hired in many places! Others can take off more slowly, as in you would stick to plays or little things like acting classes until you make your big break! step three... There are many agents out there, however it is difficult to find one in your area or in fact a real agent. CastingHub Step three! shakeitup.wikia.com www.teenidols4you.com Everyone's third step goes differently. Some get to go into the big time, while others may be an at home actor. In that case you might be still working with commercials or community theater. On the other hand others can get into many big movies and sometimes even score a TV show! or en.wikipedia.org www.fromtheredcarpet.tv The Definition of an Actor and Actress: An actor (alternatively actress for a female; see terminology) is a person who acts in a dramatic or comic production and works in film, television, theatre, or radio in that capacity.[1] The ancient Greek word for an "actor," (hypokrites), means literally "one who interprets";[2] in this sense, an actor is one who interprets a dramatic character.[3] credit to; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Actor scene. Here are some examples of actors now days... Olivia Holt At age 6 Olivia took singing lessons to help start of her career. When she was 7 her teacher took her to an acting convention where she had a lot of options to kick of her career. Now 15 year old Olivia Holt stars in Disney Channel's TV Show "Kickin It" and also Disney Channel's movie "Girl vs. Monster." Leo Howard Actors Potential Salary: $5o,ooo A Good College to go to would be Baylor University There is much room for growth! It can vary based on if you make a movie or TV Show and sometimes Commercials. A daily agenda for actors would be...
wake up and eat
hair and make up
sometimes a meeting or two
then you begin to shoot
lunch break and redo of hair and makeup
continue shooting
free time
rest Where do you mostly work? Most of the time actors work inside and create there own sets inside the main building or studio(s). www.zimbio.com www.bopandtigerbeat.com Where would you work? Most actors work in the Hollywood Studios. Most of the TV Shows you watch are filmed in Hollywood. But not all are, some can be filmed in all sorts of different places. www.th3professional.com An example of where you would work could be Disney Studio. Located in Hollywood CA. want to be part of an academically rigorous community that values faith and your strengths and personal calling
are excited and motivated about intellectual activity
have challenged themselves academically and embraced opportunities outside the classroom
recognize that life, learning and service go hand-in-hand beyond the four years of college
We are also looking for those who can gain the most from a Baylor experience and those students with a demonstrated interest in becoming a Baylor Bear. Requirements: Howard began his career at age 5 by accident. Leo was always a big martial arts fanatic! He currently is a 2nd degree black belt. Once at a tournament he was asked if he ever did any TV work. His answer was no, but he would love to try! Now he has many hit movies and stars on "Disney XD Kickin' It." Everyone says he will probably have a long lasting Hollywood career.

Some Scholarship opportunities could be...

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Student Internship Program; which includes...
Amount: $4,ooo maximum
Application Requirements: transcript, essay, recommendation(s)
Major career interest:Film/video- Radio/television/film
Disney College Program
Requirements: U.S Citizen
Used for: any undergraduate study'
Full-time and Part-time
Do Something Award
Amount: 10,000 to 100,000
Requirements: Transcript, essay
Leadership and Service to Others Scholarships: Why am I Interested in Acting? I have always wanted to be actress for as long as I remember! It started in Hollywood when I was 5. I think I would be good for this job because I love theater and everyone says I can play a character well. I love to be a part in plays and act! I recently went to an audition where they signed me into the "acting world." Therefore I know that I could have a good career in acting! Thank you for your time! I was not able to find a current actress in the business, so I asked one of the ladies at Casting Hub. She was a model and got through all of this with her mom. She gave me 10 pieces of advice. 1. Never give up!
2. Stay in acting classes.
3. Do something to improve your career everyday.
4. Watch movies and TV shows!
5. Perform in front of people.
6. Practice in front of the camera and watch yourself.
7. Memorize your material!
8. Learn Improvisation!
9. Get your parents excited about your career as well!
10. NEVER GIVE UP! rapgenius.com No, you don't have to take a licensing test after you complete your college work.
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