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Teachers' Meeting June 2014

No description

CM Deezy

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Teachers' Meeting June 2014

Sweltering rooms discussion and update
Teacher Forum Items
New format: actual exam section practice
New Cambridge Lessons
One or more expat bosses from HO come afternoon, evening Fri, all day Sat
Academic Appraisal: Fri, Sat Jul 25th, 26th
T Drive: Anything that is not "Work Space" and "Multimedia" being deleted from 1st July
ILA Wiki and T Drive Plans
Teachers' Meeting April 2015
Very limited interest from VT and within ILA
Senior Teacher Update
Academic- Pop Ins
Will happen about 1 : 3 months (required) and may include a follow up visit later
Failing students: report to me as close to MCT. I will need name, class code, details of student's struggles, what you've done to help already
Academic-- student issues
Less travel to Saigon for meetings due to budget cuts so fewer Wednesday's out of VT
AM Schedule
Save, re-use, or avoid using paper
PDIs require you to type out your responses and email me attachement at least 24 hours before our PDI meeting
PDI Reminder
Teachers' meetings every other month?
Communications updates
More face-to-face communication
Emails and blog remain for written record and those who prefer digital communication
Teacher Forum to remain, checked daily, urgent matters addressed immediately-- please keep it constructive
2nd half lesson observations will happen now and then
"...complete waste of time!"
the double underline
tones of exasperation and rage
Staff have been reminded about CSS reminder
Switching user in class PCs: Ctrl Alt Del, Switch user, username ILAV\v01c### password whiteboard123. If user "Locker" come down to get VN staff help
Saving work in ILC, see blog instructions
Weekend space issue-- discuss
Pay slips-- from Tu only on request (paper saving)
Candy shortage-- discuss
Ad-block request: need examples of websites that show inappropriate ads
The rationale:
Why new Cambridge lessons?
Students were not making connection from old lessons to actual exam
Performance on actual exam was not great
Parents and students wanted this change
Exam skills & practice vs. communication skills
Less time taken out of lesson now
Cambridge exams very important to VN students
Materials in wiki, see me for help finding
Yes, required!
30-60 min lesson focus
Should not be using old materials
Context of the lesson is "exam taking"
Keep working on reducing your storage to 500MB (work space)
Enforcement date of data limit not yet announced but it WILL come
Wiki is now and is the future; no one can change this
Several of you have not yet accessed. This is tracked and I'm expected to hassle you until you do!
Why Wiki? Rationale
Data management options
Huge central collection of resources
Evolves to be ever better and bigger
Easily searchable, well organized
Ratings, tags, comment features
Central content management system advantages
All in one place, no duplicate data
Network efficiency, speed, reliability increases
Modern IT standards, modern business practices
upload to wiki! see tutorials or ask Chris for help
www.mega.co.nz login christopher@ilavietnam.com password vtcenter01 50 GB
www.dropbox.com up to 16 GB free
google drive account, up to 15GB free
flash drives and external hard drives
Use the right programs-- Don't use Active Inspire if just showing pictures / text
Interest outside of ILA also low (had one decline position at last minute)
Have two promising interviews in next week
HR is working hard for us, recruiting
My teaching and LT hours reduced
Some budget for NT hours for assistance
New ST: will have light weekend teaching, to be available to support Ts
Done in purposefully chosen groups like:
All 1st year Ts
All 2nd year Ts
All K classes, all Exam classes
Groups will know which week(s) they happen
Constructive intent, not to "police"
Feedback emailed, chats in some cases
Over-all picture will be shared with all Ts
Info used to generate T support ideas, make requests to HO about policies/resources, etc
Next up for pop-ins:
All IELTS classes, July
Will observe many classes (pop-in style)
Will observe many of my procedures and teacher appointments (observation, feedback, PDI)
Will appraise the facility and resources
Will seek some T feedback (general)
Purpose is constructive: to identify needs and provide the needed suggestions and resources
Smart Dress Code Required!
Student transfer requests- If you you've filled in the form to move student up or down, and nothing's happened in 14 days, please see me with details
Teaching and LT schedule reduced so more time for AM duties
Longer Saturday shifts for weekend support
May work 1/2 day on Sunday now and then
Gone all of Sept and October for Delta course; hopefully we have a trained ST by then, if not, TBD...
PDI requires 3 Professional Development SMART Goals. What's a SMART goal?
July social event-- dinner?
Thanks so much and good luck to
Marty (end of June)
Mary (July)
Carly (July)
Please don't go! Or maybe goodbye to
Phill (July)
Rowan (July)
Welcome to new teacher Karen Boon
Whiteboard to be replaced in 403 soon
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