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Adaptations of Nepenthes!

5 adaptations of the pitcher plant called Nepenthes!

Brianna Barkey

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Adaptations of Nepenthes!

Adaptation #1 -Nepethes can digest insects
and small mammals
(ex.s mice,rats) to get nutrients.
This helps the Nepenthes
because it then it doesn't
need to largely depend on
nutrients from soil. Adaptation #2 -Nepenthes have good smells and
vibrant colors, which help attract
bugs and some small mammals. Adaptation #3 -They can grow up to 100 feet up a tree and can cover a whole tropical tree. This helps protect the Nepenthes from creatures on the ground. Like this... Adaptation #4 -Nepenthes benefit from an occasional flooding to wash away decaying insects from its 'stomach'. This helps the Nepenthes because than the smell of decaying insects goes away and its 'stomach' is ready for another meal. Adaptations of Nepenthes! Adaptation #5 -Nepenthes can be in
bright light, 50% sun,
or dappled shade but
not in direct sunlight. This
gives the Nepenthes a
chance to live in
various areas in the jungle or forest. Cool Facts! Nepenthes is called the king of pitcher plants because of its size!

Nepenthes can hold up to 3 quartz of water!

Nepenthes do not eat hamburgers! Here are some pictures! Thanks for
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