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Ibuprofen vs. Tylenol

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on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Ibuprofen vs. Tylenol

Ibuprofen vs. Acetaminophen
Anna Goebel, Marcelo Torres

Big difference.
Ibuprofen works by limiting the body's production of fatty acids called prostaglandins. In addition to reducing fever, body aches, and pain caused by prostaglandins, ibuprofen reduces inflammation
How it works?
-Limiting the production of prostaglandins
-not an NSAID and does not deal with inflammation.
-Two medical categories:
*analgesics (pain reliving)
*antipyretics (fever reducing)

What it do?
How it works?
-Non-opioid analgesics
-inhibits enzyme (COX)
-arachodonic acid

What it do?
Molecular Structure.
- polar in nature; can hydrogen bond; very reactive.
Aromatic Ring
-non-polar, insoluble; low melting point.
-hydrophobic; resist oxidation and reduction.
- polar; soluable; reactive (form amides with carboxylic acid.)
So, by blocking/inhibiting the prostoglandins the drug allows the body to reduce pain, inflammation, and fever.
Molecular Formula?
Functional Group
Functional groups of Ibuprofen include Carboxylic acid, Benzene.
Functional Groups
Functional groups found in acetaminophen are Alcohol, Benzene, Phenol, and Amide.

Like ibuprofen, acetaminophen lowers fever and reduces aches and pains. Unlike ibuprofen, it doesn't reduce inflammation. Acetaminophen is milder on the digestive tract than ibuprofen is and causes no stomach problems, so you don't need to give it to your child with food.
1.What do both ibuprofen and acetaminophen stop the production of to help reduce pain?

2.Acetaminophen is different from ibuprofen because aside from just releving pain it also reduces inflamation. True or False

3.______ __________ means that molecules are mirror images of each other.

4. A keytone is a compoound containg an oxygen atom joined to a carbon atom by a double bond. True or False

5. _________ and __________ are the two medical categories od acetaminophen.
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"Amine Functional Group." Amine Functional Group. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Sept. 2013
Carboxylic acid: consists of carbonyl and hydroxyl, both accepts and donates hydrogen, optical isomers,
Benzene: organic chemical compound, inserts itself into DNA,

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