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How The Use of Samples Changed The Landscape of Modern Electronic Dance Music

How the use of samples in electronic music impacted the popularity it has in today's current music market

Jericho Sav

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of How The Use of Samples Changed The Landscape of Modern Electronic Dance Music

by Jericho Sav How The Use of Samples Changed The Landscape of Modern Electronic Dance Music What Is Electronic Dance Music (EDM)? Why Are Samples in EDM Important? Types of Samples Instrumental Sampling in EDM Technology & Sampling Sources Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is a range of percussive musical genres that originated with Kraftwerk and disco in the 1970s. The music became popular with the explosion of the club scene in the 1980s, so much so that by the 1990s, electronic dance music came into its own. (Hardiman) Samples allow artists to utilize pre-recorded material and incorporate it into their own productions
This can be done through layering, looping, and distorting original recordings
Musique concrète Loop - a repeating section of sound material
created from synthesizers, sequencers, and drum machines
Musical instrument (single note) - instead of looping an instrument, single note sampling takes only one note from an instrument, and is then distorted and changed at the artist's discretion
Instrumental & Vocal
The "Amen" break is an example of a early sample that has been used frequently over the last few decades Ed Montano -
“Certain technological advancements facilitated the birth of house music, with producers making use of sequencers, samplers, drum machines and synthesizers”
“The importance of these machines to the development and progression of dance culture acts as a reflection of how, as Shuker explains, ‘new recording technologies have opened up new creative possibilities, and underpinned the emergence of new genres’” Greenburg, Zach O'Malley. "DJs Are The New Rock Stars." Forbes Magazine, August 20, 2012, 96.

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