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OKC Strikers

No description

LaToya Harris

on 3 May 2012

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Transcript of OKC Strikers

Expansion Bid 2014
Oklahoma City
Sooo....why Oklahoma City ?
Stable Economy
Central Location (NFL Map)
Strikers Mission Statement
The Oklahoma City Strikers supports the mission of the National Football League through providing entertainment for a diverse audience. We vie to maintain a positive public image for the NFL and Oklahoma City that reflects loyalty, diligence, and dedication. Our organization firmly seeks to make a difference by fostering leadership and striving for excellence on a national level in sports and in the community.
Vision Statement
We pledge ourselves to developing championship teams and becoming active members in the Oklahoma City Community.
Bill Cowher
1 Super Bowl Win
8 Division Titles
10 Playoff Berths
2 AFC Championships
6th most motivating NFL coaches
The Crude
Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium
Strike Back Against Obesity
Strikers Health and Wellness Center
Goal to help OKC population lose 1,000,000 lbs (Mayor Mick Cornett)
30% obesity rate
Lifestyle Classes: Nutrition, Cooking, and Stress Coping Classes
Physical Activites
: Play 60 Power Hour, Get Kinect'd, Wii Fit, Yoga, Cardio, Strength Training, Water Exercise, Mock NFL/Powder-puff games
National Disaster Relief
Need based community service program
Goal to help rebuild the community in the aftermath of a natural disaster
Potential Stadium Site
Overall, we believe that the Oklahoma City Strikers would be a great addition to the NFL and would continue to preserve the image of the NFL while expanding the integrity and profitability of the league.
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