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the gospel according to larry

No description

michelle vittori

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of the gospel according to larry

Author: Janet Tashjian Title: The Gospel According To Larry Major Characters: Josh Swensen- 17 year old boy with
light brown hair. He creates a website
called The Gospel According To Larry
so he can speek his mind about anything
he wants and hide his identity under
the name Larry. The girl that he has
loved since 6th grade is Beth. She loves
the website but doesnt know that her
best friend Josh, is really Larry. Beth- Josh Swensen's best friend
and girl that he loves more then
anything. She is very outspoken,
like Josh, and is very beautiful.
Throughout the book Beth is
always talking about Larry's website,
not knowing that she is best friends
with the author of the website that
she cant stop talking about. Betagold- A reader of the Gospel
According To Larry. In the book
Betagold is stoping at nothing to
find out who Larry really is. He/She
is saying anything to Larry to get
Josh to show his secret identity. Josh's Mom- Josh's mom has
passed away but throughout
the book he talks to her and
asks her for help. Minor Characters Peter- Josh's stepfather who works
in advertisement. When he finds out
about The Gospel According To Larry
website, he doesnt know that his
step son is the one writing it and
trashing advertisements. Katherine- Peter's girlfriend.
She wasnt very smart and
she never really had anything
to say about Josh's website. Character Trace After Josh Swensen
was known as Larry
he decided to fake
his own death and
then he made two
other different
identity's, known as
Gil and Tom. Setting Josh lives in Boston
and throughout the
book he often goes
to the woods in a
hole he dug out. Theme I believe that the theme
is freedom of speech.
Josh is always taking the
initiative or changing
things he thinks is wrong,
trying to make a difference
in the world. Reactions I personaly loved
the book. What I
liked most was
how Josh wasn't
afraid to speek his
mind, even under
a false name. It made
me realize that what
we have to say, no
matter how old or
young we are, really
could matter to
everybody and not
just to yourself. Climax I think the climax
is when Josh was
reviled as Larry.
His life completely
changed and he did
something drastic
that he thought would
fix things for a while. He
faked his own death and
went about the next
6 months or so as two
different people.
Rising Action 1. Josh made a
website so he
could freely
say what he
2. Beth wanted to
start a Larry club
at school.
3. Josh and Beth go
to "Larryfest", betagold
was there but Josh
didn't know that he
was face to face with
Falling Action 1. Josh plans his fake
2. Josh goes to a bridge
and throws some of
his possesions in the
river, and makes up a
different name.
3. Josh is now known
as Gil Jackson. He plans
to return back home in
6 months but for now
goodbye Josh and hello
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