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Katie Spring

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

From Katie :) I don't know if you recall many of these, but there are things in this that have not been seen for many years, some of them should have been showed sooner, while others would've been best left alone, but nonetheless I am here, as always to uncover the past and shed a little light on it. :) Enjoy. Besties For Life! Oh man! Class photos! :) I love how you are the only one looking at the camera. :) You look like you were going to slam me into the ground or something... I am seriously judging your half-hugging skills. Okay so it's the only one I could find that wasn't in a frame and I'm too lazy to either look hard or to take one out, so this is the only class one, I swear. :) Ellen's Graduation Gift By the way these are random! Look at you, just kind of chilling in the background. Like a creepy little stalker. Feliz Cumpleanos! Is it just me or is it weird that Delilah is that old? Easter This is a different Easter. Dude, I totally remember that dog. That was the most genius idea ever! Look at your face. It says, "OMG! Shut the H-E- double sippy straw up!" :) Er- mer-gerd!
Twerster! I think we all remember THIS Halloween. :) This is you saying "Dude look at this! Look at it!" for eternity. Awe! Someone had a messy face!:) And is standing on the furniture! Ellen Maree don't make me come over there! Here's just a picture of a little shy girl. Oh hey! Here's that Twister game! I wonder who's smashing fiesta this was? A couple of photos of the two most awesome people in existence! And now, a short series of photos that Ellen had no idea were coming. Now a few that she knew were in her favor... And several group pics of the greatest family any kid could grow up with, for that is what we became; a family. Together we fought and played like brothers and sisters. And though these photos remind us, the images never left our hearts, and never will. To end this reincarnation of our youth, I will say only this... Time seems to fly by sometimes and creep at others, but no matter how time is moving, we must always remember that the past is fun to think about, but to never dwell on it; the future is unclear, yet should be planned for; and finally that the present is the time that we have here and now, guaranteed. Never waste the present, or you might regret it in the future, causing you to dwell on the past.
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