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Sukhjot Dhindsa

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of JUSTIN BIEBER

This was a quote by Justin Drew Bieber who is a very talented pop-star, actor and singer/songwriter. Bieber was discovered in 2008 by American talent manager Scooter Braun, who came across Bieber's videos on YouTube and later became his manager.Justin Bieber started singing since he was 12 and finished the second place when participating in a local singing competition."I put my singing videos from the competition on YouTube so that my friends and family could watch them," he stated. "But it turned out that other people liked them and they started subscribing to them. That's how my manager found me. He saw me on YouTube and contacted my family and now I'm signed!" said Justin
By:Sukhjot BIEBER 706
Justin Bieber faced a lot of challenges when trying to get signed lots of record labels wouldn't sign him, also radio stations wouldn't let him because he was so young. He had face very difficult challenges when he hit puberty. He was receiving vocal conditioning and his voice began to break. People would call Justin Bieber a girl because of his voice.
Justin Drew Bieber was born March 1, 1994 at 12:56.40 a.m. on a rainy Tuesday in room 126 on the 2nd floor. At London Ontario, in St. Joseph's Hospital, Canada weighing 7lbs. and 11oz. Blood type AB+. His father's name is Jeremy Jack Bieber and he played a guitar. Justin mother's name is Patricia Pattie Mallette and she is a Canadian author and film producer. She was also a early singer. Justin Bieber was discovered in 2008, by a American manager. Jeremy (Justin's dad) has remarried and has two (2) children. The first child is named Jazmyn Kathleen Bieber, who was born on May 30, 2008. The second child's name is Jaxon Julian Bieber, who was born on November 20, 2009. They are his half-sister and half-brother.
An other challenge for Justin bieber was when he and his mom lived in a apartment she had trouble getting cash until Justin's career started.'If I hadn't found music my life would have been bad':
thats what he said thinking on how his life and his mothers life would have been a disaster if he didn't find music..
Justin also hates when he gets sick and he won't be able to perform at his concerts and he doesn’t want to disappoint his fans .
Justin Bieber achieved lot of awards. He has won 105 awards before and 187 people nominated Justin Bieber. He wanted to be a singer ever since he was younger. When he started to learn how to play the guitar he never gave up no matter what. He always tried his best. His achievements were to make albums and to go on tours. He decided to make his third album and he did. He was the first person to have seven songs in one album. Justin first album is My World 2.0 and it was released in March 2010. Justin released his second album Under The Mistletoe in November 2011. Then he released his third album Believe in June 19 2012.
Birthdate: March 1, 1994

Hometown: Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Lives In: Brookhaven, Georgia, Atlanta, USA

Religion: Christian

Colour: Blue and purple

Number: 6

Food: Spaghetti and Meatballs

Dessert: Cotton Candy Ice Cream

Hockey Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Languages Known: English and some French


Justin Bieber influences the world by showing people what happens when you follow your dreams. You shouldn't let anyone or anything stop you. He also says that if you have a talent and people don't like it, you need to be strong and believe in your self. He influences me by showing me and the world that its not worth giving up on your dreams all you have to do is believe in yourself. Justins infulence to to make hhis dream come true was the king of pop,Michale Jackson! Justin Drew Bieber also influences me by not caring if people like me or not that's just who I am.
When Bieber was little he played guitar and sang one song call "I'll Be" at the steps of a theater called Avon theater
Justin sang lots of different song when he was little. he would play some songs on the steps of a famous theater in Stratford,Ontario called Avon Theater. One of his many songs was called "I'll Be".
When Justin was little he wrote a song on his parents getting divorced here it is.......
Justin's first single was 'One Time' he tried to get his song out there so everyone would buy it. Justin and his crew went from radio station to radio station. He was put on trains, planes, and automobiles. The music video for 'One Time' was released November 24th, 2009. The music video has 321,839,098+ views on YouTube. After his 'One Time' song and music video, his career skyrocketed. He continues to break records.
Now Justin is still topping the charts. On September 29th, 2012 he started his second world tour called The Believe Tour and it ended on August 10, 2013. He sold out his North American tour in just one hour, he sold out two Madison Square Garden shows in 30 seconds!
A lot of people think that Justin Bieber got famous over night, but it took a little over a year to get his single 'One Time' famous. People don't realize that how Justin got famous is really cool because he is the first teen pop sensation who got his start on social media. Social media is also how he interacts with his fans or his biggest fans beliebers. Justin has taught his fans that if you just believe in your dreams and never say never than anything you dream can come true.
When Justin was only ten months old his mom and dad split up so Pattie had to raise Justin by her self. His dad did come and visit him sometimes.
As Justin was growing up his mom didn’t have a high paying job so she struggled to keep a roof over their heads. During his childhood Justin taught himself how to play the piano, drums, and the trumpet. He would play the drums for his church’s band and they made enough money from a charity concert to buy him a new set of Pearl Drums. Playing instruments wasn’t the only thing Justin could do, he also played tons of sports like; hockey, soccer, baseball, and chess.
In 2010, Justin was on his first world tour! The tour was called My World Tour, it started June 23rd, 2010 and it ended on October 19th, 2011. For this tour he did 130 shows, 66 out of 130 were sold out! When Justin performed at Madison Square Garden in New York the show sold out in 22 minutes!
On February 11, 2011 Justin realised his first movie called NEVER SAY NEVER!
On this Christmas Justin will relise his 2 nd movie called:
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