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ART prezi presentation

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Koh Wei Jie

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of ART prezi presentation

Our bed we made We design it this way so that there is a study table for those studying Why did we design it like that? Another reason why we design it like that. when the person is lazy to eat outside his/her room, the person can eat it on the table if he/she wish to. Why we use these materials? We use sponge for the bed because the sponge is soft and bouncy the person will feel comfortable if lying on the bed The kind of bed we design The frame is made out of cardboards stick together The bed frame Our mattress & pillow is made out of sponge and is sewed The table legs are made of large paper clips and the table is made of cardboard. Why we use these materials for our bed? We use this cloth design so it would not look so dull or plain on the bed . Thank you all for your listening attentively! By: Koh Wei Jie & CeDric 28/4/2013 similarity The bed frame, which is similar with our cardboard bedframe The table, which is similar with our cardboard table. The table legs which are similar to our paper clip which are used as the table legs. The bed and pillow which is similar as our bed, we used sponge and sew the gaps.
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