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Plan Canada

Charity Presentaion by: Alanna, Selvia, Shaiv, Faisal

Alanna Yee

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Plan Canada

Donations YES!!! Impact Transparency Urgency Marketability Funds Urgency 2012 Funds Transparency 10 - 12 years in a community
Poverty does not end easily Marketability Impact Urgency: The need to do something quickly Website
Persuasive Images
Because I Am A Girl All information is available on their website
Government websites
Reccomendations Teaching children
Asking for opinions
Growing each year
Currently working with 3.5 million families 7%- administration
14%- publicity
79%- for the cause Donations YES!!! Urgency
Impact Donate now, we know we will.
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