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Substainable Goals

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Amanda McQuaid

on 14 March 2016

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Transcript of Substainable Goals

Substainable Goals
Clean water, sanitation, and energy
Decent work and economic growth
Having work helps individuals improve their economic situation, but the jobs available are no always safe. Some people are forced to work long hours for unfairly low wages. This goal aims to promote safe conditions and fair pay by using technology to improve businesses.
No poverty, Zero Hunger, and good health/well being
More than 800 million people in the world live on less than $1.25 each day. This leads to chronic undernourishment – hundreds of millions of people who never have enough to eat. Not having enough to eat leads to poor health. These goals involve ending poverty and hunger, which will improve health.
Quality education
Issues of poverty and war prevent many children from attending school. In some countries, many boys receive an education but girls are kept in the home for different reasons. Literacy is one way of improving your economic situation, so this goal aims to increase development through education.
Drought has decreased the water supply in many countries. In addition, the water they do have is often polluted. Developing sanitation systems and reliable sources of energy that does not pollute the water will help with these problems.
Life below water and on land
Using the land and water wisely is an important part of sustainable development. Resources need to be used to meet people's needs and wants, but if they are not used responsibly neither people nor businesses will be able to get what they need. This goal promotes the protection of our resources from pollution, overuse, and abuse.
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