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No description

tyler tunstall

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of frozen

Frozen film review
This amazing film, it is about a girl called Anna and her sister. Elsa her sister has a very special power! ( her power is freezing things and making things cold)One day Anna wakes up and says to Elsa come out it is snowing. Elsa and Anna go to the grand hall and they play with Elsa's special power and now Elsa is the new queen of Arrendale. Does anything bad happen to Elsa or Anna? Does everything get out of control? Or do they never talk to each other again?

My favorite part of the movie is when Elsa puts a snow cloud over Olaf so they all can live together. Also i like it when Elsa shows her true love to Anna as she always loved her and they always loved each other.

My favorite character is Olaf and Sven because they are really funny together like Sven keeps trying to take Olaf's nose and then Olaf thinks he is trying to be friendly. Then at the end Sven and Kristoff get a new sledge from Anna and the Sven puts his hoove on the sledge and posses.
So cute
So Sweet
profile picture:
Olaf's profile
words to describe him:
friends: sven kristoff Anna Elsa
favorite seasons:
Olaf is the friendliest snowman to walk a mountain
He loves warm hugs
He has an ability to disable himself
Director of frozen:
Jennifer Lee's date of birth is 1971 and she was born and raised in the united states of America. Jennifer Lee is a director of lots of famous movies including Frozen and wreck it Ralph also her co-director is Chris Buck. Jennifer Lee's husband is Robert Joseph Monn and they had a child together called Agatha Lee Monn (born in 2003), who sings the song "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" unfortunately Jennifer and her husband divorced after being married in 1999 . Jennifer Lee is the first female director to direct a Walt Disney animation film. Also she won an award for the best animated featured film.
Jennifer Michelle Lee

Costumes from the silent film era have been found at Rambo's Saloon. After nearly being destroyed in a building in 2013. These costumes have been in a dusty trunk for a very long time. They have found long, dark flowing dresses that have beads all over. It has been nearly a century, before fort lee's film commissions came upon it during a search of the house.
Family photo
Intesting fact:
A silent movie is when no speech put in the film. How it tells the story is by its actions and facial expressions that they do .
Lois le prince made the first silent Film titled Roundhay Garden Scene.
Harriet Hartley
Adolphe Le Prince
Joseph Whitley
Sarah Whitley
when was the film made:
The running time:
2.11 seconds
He reminds me of someone who is very caring a sweet. Also someone who is very funny.
Silent Movies
Here Is Frozens Official Trailer
fan or balloon
plastic bubble to protect the camera in the air. Like if any rain comes then it could still film as there is a cover above the camera so that there is even more protection from the rain.
a fan or balloon so the camera can fly in the air and film from high places. Also you can control the fan by using a remote control
facts about lois le prince:
Born: August 28, 1841, France
Died: 1890
Spouse: Elizabeth Whitley
Movies: Roundhay Garden Scene
Finding Nemo
NO. NO, you can't. Stop!
please don't go away.
Please? No one's ever
stuck with me for so long
before. And if you leave, I just,
I remember things better
with you. I do. Look. P.
Sherman, 42. (sighs) 42. I
remember it. I do. It's there.
I know it is because when I
look at you I can feel it.
And - and I-I look at you, and
I-I'M home. (whispered)
Please. I don't want that to
go away. I don't want to forget.

Thank you for watching
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