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Texas: A Land Of Contrast

No description

Vicky Soto

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Texas: A Land Of Contrast

By: Vicky Soto Texas: A Land Of Contrast The Geography of a place impacts the way a society lives by many different ways.For example, if the geography of a place is a cold,wet and snowy then you would expect to see people in coats and bulk clotheing.Its Like going to Antarctica with shorts,a tank top and scuba diving equipment. people would stare and go "Oh no...no sweetie... no". Its not only clothing its food too.If you live in the desert don't expect to get fresh seafood at a restaurant .Once again they would be like "No.. sweetie....no." How Does Geography Impact The Way A Society Lives? People modify their environment in many ways. Buildings don't just pop up out of the ground. Forest's just don't go " Hey i'm going to chop myself off so we can build a mall" No. We HUMANS do that.We cut off trees,make innocent animals go homeless and all for our own benefit. We also pollute the air and make man made lakes.we modify our environment 24/7. How Do People Modify Their Environment? Movement affects an area a lot. For example, if a clutch of people go to Louisiana for Mardi Gras,many affects would happen. Some positive, and some negitive.The positive-More tourists. The economy will get better, businesses will increase in sales. The negative-more pollution. How Does Movement Affect An Area? Some of the Native Americans have adapted differently.You don't see the Texas Native Americans dressed like the people in Alaska. Different tribes wore,spoke,ate differently than others because of where they live. How Are Geographic Differences Reflected In The Native American Culutres? The impact that Europe had on Texas was that now we're cool with the Europeans. We're like "heeeeey" and they're like "heeeeeey" because we're cool now.We also have adapted some of their words,music and food.Speacking of Europe music.... ONE DIRECTION! One Direction is an example of music. What Impact Did European Exploration And Colonization Have On Texas? Credits
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