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Sociology of Me

No description

austin fullington

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Sociology of Me

sociological imagination - the capacity range from the most impersonal and remote topics to the most intimate features of the human-self and to see the relations between the two. I have applied a sociological imagination to my life by helping a friend through a tough situation where i had to use a sociological imagination.
sociological imagination
I think that i relate to Karl Marx more then any other sociologists because he was a philosopher. Marx contributed intellectually by introducing the theory of social change based upon antagonisms between social classes and the insight that power originates from economics. I relate to this because i am problem solver.
Norms - Norms that are a part of my culture are waiting in line during school lunches and school sports. These are meaningful to my culture because i participate in both acts almost everyday I'm at school.
Components of Culture
Symbols - a tiger paw print is a symbol that means something in my culture because i go to Marple Newtown High School and the schools symbol is a tiger/paw print.
Components of culture
Sociology of Me
Austin Fullington
Language - The English Language has a cultural meaning to me because i speak English everyday. And its how i communicate with others.
Components of Culture
Components of Culture
Values and Beliefs - I believe in life after death. This means something to my culture because its something that i will always believe in and that i always have believe throughout my life.
A subculture that i am apart of is a basketball team. This subculture is a part of my life because i play basketball for my school and its a big part of my life because i spend a lot of time with my team and i am always playing basketball with them.
Cultural Variation
Cultural Diffusion - Cultural diffusion spreads through school sports. this means something to me because i play school sports so i am involved in cultural diffusion.
Roles and Status
Brother - I am an older brother and a younger brother. These roles mean something to me because i have to set good examples as an older brother and being a younger brother helps me because i always have older siblings that help me through rough situations.
Another role i have is a son. Being a son means that things are expected of me and i have responsibilities that my parents depend on me for.
Roles and Status
Roles and Status
Another role that i posses is being a friend. Being friend in meaningful to me because it means i always have someone there to help me and have a good time with.
I am a teammate and that's an important role because it is important that i cooperate with my other teammates and set a good example for them.
Roles and Status
Roles and Status
I am a student and that is meaningful because i go to school to learn and school helps me with everyday life.
Roles and Status
I am also a working person. This has meaning to me because it helps me be responsible and posses character.
Social Interaction
I use exchange by going to a store and exchanging money for an item that the store provides.
Social Interaction
I am involved in competition because i play sports and in sports you compete against others for a common goal.
I use cooperation with my basketball team because we work together to win games.
Social Interaction
Groups (b)
People spend time on twitter when they can be doing something more productive .
since i was 12 i have experienced adolescence by going to high school finding my friend group. Having freedom from my parents to go out with friends and have a good time.
Characteristics of Adolescence
Agents of Socilization
Media has socialized me because it tells me whats going on in the world and allows me to socialize with different types of people
Agents of Socialization
Family has socialized me because they are social influences on me
Agents of Socialization
friends have socialized me because in spend a lot of time with them and we all influence each other
Agents of Socialization
School has socialized me because it helps me socialize with different groups of people
Adult world
My goals for the adult world are to go to college and have a successful job and life
Nature vs. Nurture
One thing i got for nurture is the love of sports. I got this from my dad because he loves sports.
Nature vs. Nurture
Another characteristic i got from nurture is my eye color from my mother.
Nature vs. Nurture
I got my love for music from nature and just being around my friends who also influenced me on the type of music i listen to today.
My personality is shaped after my nature because of all the good people that i have around me everyday.
Nature vs. Nurture
The last thing i got from nurture is my hair color. I got my hair color from the traits of my parents.
Nature vs. Nurture
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