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No description

Shelda And Lauren Classic

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Classic

Classic By:MKTO

Fun facts
Malcom Kelley and Tony Oller met in 2010 during the filming of a Nickelodeon TV serial called Gigantic in which they were best friends. After the TV show ended they became great friends and began making music together. Later they formed a duo and came up with the name MKTO, which represents their combined inistials.
Music Video
-Genres of music: Alternative Hip Hop, hipster hop, pop rock, teen pop and R&B

-The Instruments used:Voice,Piano, Drums, Guitar and Backup vocals
These instruments accent the vocals by making the song fun enjoyable, like you want to listen to the singer all day.

- The importance of the lyrics to this piece is to just have fun and enjoy life as it is.

-we think young teenagers, teenagers and young adults
would listen and likely enjoy this song. this is a peppy poppy
song and most teens like that kind of music.

Composer and Lyricist
Here is some information about the composer and lyricist.
More Facts
The group signed to Colombia records and released there single 'Thank You' on January 15 2013. the music video was released on YouTube and received 500,000 views in 2 days!
MKTO Songs
-Thank You
-God only Knows
Composer/ Lyricist
Definition of composer-A composer (Latin com+ponere, literally "one who puts together") is a person who creates music, either by musical notation or oral tradition, for interpretation and performance, or through direct manipulation of sonic material as electroacoustic music.

Definition of lyricist-A lyricist is a writer who specializes in writing lyrics. A singer who writes the lyrics to songs is a singer-songwriter. This differentiates from a singer-composer, who composes the song's melody.

Evan Bogart,Andrew Goldstein, Emanuel Kriakou and Lindy Robbins.

Picture of MKTO
Lauren's Opinion
Lauren's personal opinion about the song is that the song isn't all about having fun with random people its about enjoying what your doing because if you don't enjoy having a party with other people you won't like this song. This song is about fun and having fun doing it.
Shelda Opinion
Personally, Shelda loved the song becuase its a really fun song. It just makes her wanna blast it out loud and dance, its also one of those song that are stuck in your head the whole entire day. She also enjoys listening to the song because it makes her happy, and she can relate to the lyrics to just have fun in life, becuase you only live once. YOLO
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