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Group Dynamic - Justice League

No description

Housing and Residence Life

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of Group Dynamic - Justice League

Group Dynamics
with the
Justice League Presented by: E.J. Walicki
Leadership Day 2012 What is a Group? Superman
Wonder Woman
The Flash
Aquaman Who Is on the Team? Characteristics of Aquaman:
Optimistic and positive
Care-free personality
Easy going
Very talkative
Fun and silly Aquaman Characteristics of The Flash
Young and immature
Impulsive The Flash Characteristics of Wonder Woman
Empathy and feeling
Love of all people and things
Extroverted Wonder Woman Characteristics of Superman
Strong sense of morality and justice
Rigid in his views
Pressured of using powers Superman Characteristics of Batman
High intellect
Works extra hard
Aloof or a loner
Never gives up Batman How to Work with Aquaman:
Get him to help out with recruiting residents
Good for pep talks with executive board
Good person with ideas for games or activities
May be a challenge focusing on tasks at hand How to Work with The Flash:
May take more time to explain ideas and decisions
Go to this person when the group is stressed or taking things too seriously
Prone to mistakes and quick decisions
Use him when the group may start to drag throughout the year How to Work with Wonder Woman:
Turn to this person to make sure group is being inclusive
She has the pulse of the group
Utilize her to reach out about resident issues
Work with her to help bring the executive board together as a group How to Work with Batman:
Let him think through ideas and processes
Can give him a task and it will be completed
May need space when working
Can handle complex problems and multi-task How to Work with Superman:
Turn to this person to make sure decisions are ethical
Will be a spokesperson for the group
Sacrifice for the team
Stuck in their ways
Can become stressed quickly •Individuals who join together to achieve a goal
•Collection of individuals who are interdependent in some way
•Individuals who share a common fate
•Individuals who are interacting with one another
•A social unit consisting of two or more people who perceive themselves to belong to a group
•Collection of people whose interactions are structured by a set of roles and norms
•A group of people who influence each other
•Individuals who are trying to satisfy some purpose or need through their joint association
Group dynamics “is the scientific study of behavior in groups to advance our knowledge about the nature of groups, group development, and the interrelations between groups and individuals, other groups, and larger entities” (Johnson and Johnson, 1991, p. 14).
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