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Grendel's Point of View

No description

Takira Dunn

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Grendel's Point of View

Point of View
Beowulf's Point of View
Beowulf point of view was told in first person as well. Beowulf was known as the hero in this epic story. The narrator wanted the audience to look at Beowulf as the one who was going to defeat Grendel and that was the reason for the narrator to use all those adjectives to describe him.
Narrator's Point of View
The narrator uses third person omniscient throughout the story.
The Wife's Lament
In this poem a woman is telling the story about her loss. Just like Grendel she was exiled away from the rest of the society. Facing old age and to basically die alone neither one had anybody. The difference between Grendel and the woman was that Grendel was a mean, bitter person and the woman all wasn't. I believe that both wanted to be accepted by society.
Grendel's Point of View
The point of view for Grendel was that he was this alienated individual. He didn't have a lord or higher authority figure to praise, so to cope with his anger he ate people in the middle of the night. Grendel narrates in first person point of view, conveying his inner thoughts to the audience.
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