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Sr. Putney

No description

Chad Putney

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of Sr. Putney

Dad As I write this tonight, it's my son Luke's 'half birthday.' He is now 4 and 1/2 and quite exceptional if I do say so myself. Luke is in his second year of preschool and enjoying being back in the classroom. We spent the last week of August this summer visiting Disney for our first time in Florida. We will no doubt be making a return trip at some point in the future. Luke was excited to take this picture with an old car because he was sure that his Grampa would love it! Profe I've just started my seventh year of teaching Spanish at the Chittenango Central School District. It's a great job and an awesome district to work with. I'm the token male Spanish teacher and have a schedule that includes six classes and currently 134 students. Until recently (due to budget cuts) I advised our international club, am a member of our schools technology committee, belong to several LOTE organizations and have a presenter at area workshops for language teachers. I can't imagine working anywhere but the school setting. The kids really do make this job. Some things I love about being a Spanish teacher... la comida... la cultura... las ruinas... las playas...
This cupcake was a gift (from the heart, I'm sure!) from a student on my last birthday. Although it wasn't the milestone indicated on the cupcake, I'd prefer to see '30' over the sign that was secretly posted outside my room that read "Happy 40th Birthday Sr. Putney!!!"
I'm 28. lol. Estudiante I have a B.S. in Spanish and Secondary Education from SUNY Potsdam which I completed in 2006. In 2010 I completed a Master's of Science in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment online through Walden University. I'm hoping to finish my Master's in Educational Leadership from Niagara in the fall of 2013. I plan to pursue a DBA at some point after securing an administration position. My goal is to have that degree completed before I'm 40. I love watching Luke sleep and miss the days when he would sleep while I held him. I've recently begun taking pictures of him sleeping whenever I can. I have dozens of pictures of him sleeping, many taken once we get home and he's still in his car seat. In this particular picture, he fell asleep on the kitchen floor after I took him to Monster Jam for his birthday. He insisted that he wasn't tired, as he usually does. Luke is always falling asleep on me so I've begun taking pictures of him sleeping. I think that maybe someday I'll put together a book. Here he's sleeping on the kitchen floor after Monster Jam.
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