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Kanji 5

No description

Jay Lim

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Kanji 5

KANJI 5 TRAVEL To See 5 BS Biology Jose Alberto Lim Man Mountain Rice Field River Origin Spirit Heaven I/Private Now To Drink To Eat To Go JSP1 - C Mountain Onyomi: さん

Kunyomi: やま Mountain River Kunyomi: かわ がわ River Origin Onyomi: げん がん

Kunyomi: もと 地元|じもと|local Spirit Onyomi: き Heaven Onyomi: てん I/ Private Now 天皇|てんのう|emperor
天才|てんさい|genius handog ni: Onyomi: し

Kunyomi: わたし A Private Moment ;) What time is it NOW? ;) Onyomi: こん

Kunyomi:いま To Go To Go To Eat Onyomi:しょく

Kunyomi:た To Eat To Drink Onyomi:いん

Kunyomi:の To Drink WAKAS Maraming Salamat! Rice Field Kunyomi: た だ Rice Field Woman Woman Onyomi: じょ

Kunyomi: おんな Woman A Ballerina Man Man Onyomi: だん

Kunyomi:おとこ To See Onyomi:けん

Kunyomi:み To See ..with a magnifying glass Onyomi: こう ぎょう

Kunyomi:い Mga Sanggunian http://www.csus.edu/indiv/s/sheaa/projects/genki/kanji_main.html (accessed 6 Jan 2013)
http://aitweb.csus.edu/fl/japn/genki_kanji_examples.php?id=41(accessed 6 Jan 2013)
http://kanji.sljfaq.org/kanjivg.html(accessed 6 Jan 2013)
http://kanjihacks.com/2009/03/%E7%94%B0/ (accessed 6 Jan 2013)
http://www.kanjinetworks.com/ (accessed 6 Jan 2013) + = & + =
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