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Thomas Jefferson

No description

Dustyn Blaszczak

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson had the nickname "Long Tom" because he was over 6 foot tall.
Was married with a slave and had 6 kids with her.
Designed his own house and named it Monticello,which means little mountain in Italian.
In the election of 1800 Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr both had the same amount of electoral votes.

Louisiana purchase 1803 they made this purchase to get more land. It was 827,000 square miles for $15 million dollars.
Lewis and Clark explored Louisiana to discover more land and new food crops.
Embargo act was embargo enacted to fight against United Kingdom and France(Napoleonic wars)
The Philosophy of Jesus that Thomas claims that he is godless.

Major Events during presidency
Views on economy
Interesting facts
Major accomplishments during presidency
Thomas Jefferson founded the first public university in the U.S, The University of Virginia in 1819
Jefferson was one of the authors of The Declaration of Independence
He ended the foreign slave trade on January 1st in 1808
Jefferson was the governor of Virginia

Views on government
He believed that the best government was the one that governed the least. Self government was the best according to him. A small government was the one with limited powers.

Jefferson favored democracy over any other form of government.

He opposed a strong central government and campaigned the rights of the states.

Helped write The Declaration of Independence with John Adams, Ben Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert R. Livingston.

Republicans favored strong state governments. Strong state governments could also keep the national government from growing to powerful.
Thomas Jefferson
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Fifth Slide-
April 2nd
April 3rd
April 4th
April 4th
Collar lll,Sneed B. “American Heroes- Thomas Jefferson, Let Freedom Ring”

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Seventh Slide-

Eighth Slide-

Ninth Slide-

Personal Background of Thomas Jefferson
His teachers said he was a gifted student.
He had a pet mocking bird that he let fly around the White House when there were no guests.
Thomas Jefferson got married on January 1st to Martha Wayles Skelton
Jefferson's son James Randolph was the first child born in the white house
He seemed to know a little it about every thing.
The national banks were unconstitutional and they were also against farmers.
National Banks were okay for people to loan money for buildings and ships but they didn't allowed farmers to buy lands.
Jefferson thinks that the national debt was really harmful for the states and society and think it should be paid off quickly.
He believed that the nation's future laid with federalists bankers and merchants in big cities, but with plain, republican farmers.
Democratic-republicans wanted an economy based on agriculture.
Strict Construction- Congress can only do what is listed in the Constitution

Embargo- A government order that says you cannot trade with another country

https://teacher.ocps.net/stephen.hansen/APUSH%20Notes/Hamilton%20v.%20Jefferson.pdf https://teacher.ocps.net/stephen.hansen/APUSH%20Notes/Hamilton%20v.%20Jefferson.pdf
Book : Hart, Dianne, History Alive! The United States Through Industrialism, Palo Alta, CA, TCI, 2011
He established separation between church and state
Book : Hart, Dianne, History Alive! The United States Through Industrialism, Palo Alta, CA, TCI, 2011
Book : Hart, Dianne, History Alive! The United States Through Industrialism, Palo Alta, CA, TCI, 2011
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