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S2: Dragons Den

No description

Alec Jessop

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of S2: Dragons Den

Medical Marvels: Dragons Den Task
We have looked at 3 individuals who transformed medicine either through new discoveries and inventions.
Success Criteria:
William Harvey
Working in pairs or groups of 3 you must come up with a product or new invention that is linked to one of the discoveries made by the 3 medical marvels.
This could be an improvement to surgery, a new type of prosthetic limb, an invention to keep your heart healthy...

Your presentation must make it clear why your discovery will change and improve medical understanding.

Your presentation must also explain which medical marvel you have used as your inspiration and why their discovery was so important.
Medical Marvels:
Your pitch must explain the following:
What your new invention is, how it works & how it will improve health care.
How you are going to make money from your invention or product.
Which Medical Marvel was the inspiration for your product.
What their discovery was and how this helped to improve medicine.
Your presentation should last between 3-4 minutes.

Everyone in the group must contribute.

You must have a poster to go with your presentation showing your invention/product and the original discovery that was your inspiration.
What makes a good pitch?
Whilst watching this clip, list as many things that are wrong with this pitch as you can.
Thinking about these mistakes, what would make a good pitch?
Write down three things that you would see from a high quality presentation.
To be completed by the end of the period:
1. Decide on a group name.
2. Have a rough draft of your invention/medical product.
3. Link this invention clearly to one of the 3 medical marvels.
4. Rough plan of how much you will charge for this product/ how it will make you money.
Ambroise Pare
Andreas Vesalius
Discovered the importance of the heart
Improved surgery
Improved our understanding of anatomy
In your jotters, match the individual to the correct discovery.
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