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The effective use of Labour Market Information

Fringe Session CESI Youth Convention

Malcolm Stirling

on 6 July 2014

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Transcript of The effective use of Labour Market Information

The effective use of
Labour Market Information
The Workforce
National Level
Local Information
Skills Shortages
Age Profile
What can we do with LMI?
Job Seeker
Career Planning
What skills are in demand and where
Where's the best location to find work
What can I expect to be paid
Informed decisions about study & training
Do my interests lead to a career
Industries that want my skills
Trends in opportunities and salaries for my choices
How much do I need to pay to attract applicants in my area
Plan my HR budget
Predict trends in my industry and plan ahead
What skills are in demand in my catchment area
What courses do I need to provide to deliver these skills
What courses are less relevant
Employment trends in my area
Meeting Ofsted's requirements
Where do we get our data?
We go mining for it!
All young people will enter the job market at some point. They should be equipped with:
Up to date information about occupational sectors that interest them
the skills to understand LMI and make choices
Why it is important
Teachers & tutors are often the first point of contact for students with career questions

They often feel ill equipped to provide adequate answers

Regional Information
Vacancies by occupation
Salary & Job volume Change by Occupation
Movement on/off JSA
Unemployment levels
Multivariate Instrument Optimisation
Taking many numeric inputs to create a single, rapidly perceived, qualitative display
Skills employers are looking for
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