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4.48 Psychosis Analysis (A Cry for Help)

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Rodney Boston

on 2 December 2015

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Transcript of 4.48 Psychosis Analysis (A Cry for Help)

Questioning Sarah Kane
If we decide that the voice of the play belongs to Kane than to an artificial character within the play it creates a contradiction.
4.48 Psychosis is a very dark piece of work.
The plot of the play is centered around a disturbed person who plans to kill themselves at 4:48 a.m.
Depression plays a huge part in this play.
The setting of the play isn't revealed, but it evident that it probably takes place in a doctor's office.
Who is Sarah Kane?
Born in Brentwood, United Kingdom and died in London
4.48 Psychosis Analysis (A Cry for Help)
From beginning to end, it's an interesting trip through Sarah Kane's dark mind
Everything about this play is "different":
The gender of the protagonist isn't revealed.
The protagonist is apparently at a doctor's office getting her psyche evaluated.
There is no indication of there being more than one character.
The script is written in the form of a poem
The play is divided in 24 sections with no indication of setting, characters, or stage direction.
Kane studied drama at the University of Birmingham and later worked as a literary associate for the Bush Theater in London.
Kane suffered from depression and later committed suicide by hanging herself.
Much was written about Kane and her personal life and how it may have affected her plays.
The title of the play comes from the time, 4:48 a.m., when Kane, in her depressed state, often woke up in the morning.
She suffered from chronic insomnia and depression.
Studies show that these early morning hours are supposed to be the time in which a larger number of suicides are committed.
Look deeper into the script and look at from the point of someone dealing with depression themselves or strip away your knowledge of her all together.
The main character of 4.48 is a writer in the middle of a mental and spiritual breakdown and in many ways this split, non-linear structure of the play is a reflection of her own personal troubles and disjunction.
The only difference is she retains enough wits and self-control to create this beautiful masterpiece of play, which can be defined as a symbolism of hopefulness and aspiration of better days.
The play could be looked at as a cry for help.
The text itself, as a piece of literary engineering, doesn't cry for help.
4.48 Psychosis
sheds light on free expression out of the pain and darkness that consumes each and every one of us.
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