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02.04 What is Stock Anyway?—Honors

Investment #1

Franchesca Micosta

on 25 January 2014

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Transcript of 02.04 What is Stock Anyway?—Honors

02.04 What is Stock Anyway?—Honors
Daniela Rodriguez | Mrs. Kling
Investment #1

Type of investment:
Traditional Savings or Checking Account

Why are you interested in this investment? (Be sure to discuss statistics found in research and include at least five sentences.)
This investment would mean more to me than just a side job, and so I don't believe I'd want to be depending on someone or something else. I like the idea of the traditional savings account or checkings account because I can check the balance any time I'd like. Also, I can take as much as I need out, whenever I need it. Another good reason is that no one can take it away from me, it's my earned money and it'll stay like that.
Investment #1
Online store: selling artwork
Company details:
This will be an online store ran by the artist (me). And will mainly consist of me selling artwork.
Expected rate of return:
After the first month, I should see a positive increase in income. Obviously depending on the number of clients I receive.
Risk level:
Minimum required investment (dollar amount)
$179/month - Shopify
Decuma ©

Email: Decuma@gmail.com
Phone: 555-555-5555
YouTube: Decuma
Contact Information:
Unlimited File storage
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited products
Discount code engine
Gift cards
Abandoned cart recovery
Professional reports
Advanced report builder
Real-time carrier shipping
Art supplies
Vallejo Acrylics - $215.99
Prismacolor Drawing Pencils ($15)
Pro Art Unprimed 52" x 6 yds. Canvas Roll ($89.99)
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