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Medieval Architecture

Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic

Colleen Murphy

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Medieval Architecture

Gothic Architecture Castles and Keeps Byzantine Style Romanesque Style The Walls of the Middle Ages The Middle Ages were a time when walls kept danger out and held treasures in. Feudalism reigned surpreme. ...and the legacy of the Holy Roman Empire was still very much alive. Information and intellectualism were the privelidge of the Catholic church... San Vitale in Ravenna Church of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople San Marco in Venice Churches built to honor Justinian Cross-shaped floor plan Wall mosaics Roman arches Asian Influence Byzantine Style 6th Century Turkey, Greece & Rome Romanesque Style Western Europe in the 6th through 10th century General term for architecture in Roman style Roman culture promoted by Charlemagne Also seen in Britan Often featured murals and frescos Palatine Chapel, Aachen, Germany St. German, Paris, France 1066 Battle of Hastings The Norman Conquest Medieval Castles Built for defense Occupied by feudal lords and their subjects Drafty and uncomfortable Decorated with tapestry The Tower of London Warwick Castle Castles protected the feudal lords.... ...but cathedrals glorified a heavenly Lord. Gothic Architecture Began in Paris and spread Twelfth and thirteenth century Europe Superior architecture; pointed arches Decorated with stained glass Belonged to the entire town Notre Dame Cathedral in Chartres, France Abbey Church of St. Denis near Paris Contained relics Discovery and invention would soon bring down the walls of the Middle Ages. Gunpowder Printing Press The exploration of America Protestant Reformation The end of the Crusades Important Developments
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