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Kevin V. Thai

A Lifestyle Brand

Kev Kit

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Kevin V. Thai

About Us
Kevin V. Thai, Creative Director of Hansae Fashion Worldwide (Seoul, South Korea), has dominated the fashion market in the Asia-Pacific Region. Amongst his many accomplishments, Thai co-founded Dahong, a fashion superstore for men and women. With its continued success, Dahong expanded to the online and Vietnamese markets, therefore launching its counterpart, Justellizy.

In May 2013, Thai founded Kev Worldwide Co., in Washington, DC., which focuses on some of life's guilty pleasures, including fashion, travel, and lifestyle for men and women alike. With that, the concept of
Kevin V. Thai
was born.

By partnering with Kevin V. Thai, you have the opportunity to promote your brand in a unique, modern approach through our lifestyle experience.

Our club has four partnership levels to choose from. These levels can also be combined or modified to best suite your company needs.

Our partnership opportunity levels are:
Dear Prospective Partner,

Thank you for granting me this opportunity to share an idea which has now become a reality. An idea is usually generated with intent, but can also be created unintentionally. This brand concept was created with both ideas. My background did not allow many opportunities to work in this field and my job as a creative director and stylist was unintentionally placed in my life. However I have always had a direct intent to share my love for the world. Bringing people closer together through fashion, beauty and lifestyle has been my journey ever since. I want to personally thank you for taking the time and allowing me to introduce you to the Kevin V. Thai lifestyle brand where my passion and my journey collide.

A premium collection of items from different facets make up the brand. A strong emphasis on products that bond people through their senses. The scent of lemon grass soaps from the Pacific coast, the feeling of soft cashmere sweaters, and the taste of salted seaweed chips from Asia. I feel I can best give to the world not just another fashion brand, but also an entire, more personalized lifestyle experience. I want customers to experience the world through my eyes and I want our partner businesses to have the convenience to be right at our customer’s door step. I am excited about the future and what it holds for the Kevin V. Thai brand and its partners. As we continue to grow, so does our opportunity to have an even greater impact on the world around us. I truly appreciate your time and support, and look forward to growing together with you.

Exclusively yours,
Contact Us:

Serena Ieng
Business Development Manager


“Like Us” on Facebook

Kevin V. Thai
is a lifestyle brand that consists of a premium collection of products selected to inspire one to live in style. The collection in collaboration with Dahong, provides hand selected products targeted to the fashion-minded everywhere. These products feature a vast array of exclusive and unique pieces.

From clothing to accessories to cosmetic products. Kevin V. Thai pieces are one of a kind. Our experts also provide tips in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel for it’s customers through our 3D magazine. They are sure to enhance the life of men and women alike.
Kevin V. Thai
Founder/CEO, Kevin V. Thai Co.

Kev Boutique
Incorporates both our In-house fashion designs and select brand partner's products.

Kev Club

Provide complimentary full size products to be included in the Kev Club:

Your products will be displayed for Kev Club members to choose from

Receive a full page advertisement for 2 issues

Product displayed and review/how to on our monthly product video

Video will be displayed on KVT website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest & Instagram

Will receive a KVT exclusive endorsement star

Your logo will appear on Kevin V. Thai online boutique as a brand partner
Platinum Partner

Offer complimentary deluxe size samples for the Kev Club.

Your product(s) will be displayed for Kev club members to choose from

Receive a half page advertisement and be

featured in the magazine on our monthly exclusive’s page

Item(s) displayed on our monthly product video and also on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest & Instagram

Company logo will appear on KVT online boutique as a brand partner

Provide us promotional codes or discounts for Kev Club members

You will be featured in the magazine on our deal and steal page

Company logo will appear on KVT online boutique as a brand partner

Product discount will be featured on social media outlets Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest & Instagram

Gold Partner
From the creative mind of Kevin V. Thai
Our Vision
The Kevin V. Thai brand was developed from the ground up with accessibility in mind. Before starting the project we discovered that it was not the lack of, but rather the accessibility to high-end fashion items that we wanted to address. To accomplish this, we've focused not only on the products price, but also its quality – seeking to combine both the best fashion designs with the highest quality fabrics and materials.

In addition to the Kevin V. Thai brand, we also discussed the difficulties involved in shopping for the best beauty and lifestyle products. To simplify this process, we've gathered a team of international experts to test each product individually, giving our costumers only the best. We hope you will join us in experiencing life in a completely new way -- the Kevin V Thai way.
Our Premium Membership Program
Our Online Store
Ready to Wear
Evening Wear
Lifestyle Products
Our company has recently launched an online boutique, 'Kev Boutique'. This boutique offers high-end fashion pieces along with beauty and lifestyle products distributed by our partners.

Through the increase number of loyal customers our brand went on to establish a premium membership program, based upon our 3D magazine concept where our members not only see and read about the items we produce and select, but also are able to experience them firsthand.

Our partners can choose to participate in our Kev Boutique and/or Kev Club.

Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Partnership Opportunities
A customizable shopping experience for MEMBERS ONLY.

We focus on partnering with unique brands around the world that gives our members the opportunity to experience unique items in fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Our main objective is to provide our customers with a one of a kind shopping that they love.

In this exclusive membership, members have the following benefits:

Free shipping

Virtual personal stylist 24/7

First pick and choose from Kev Collection items

Great discounts up to 20% on our online boutique

First to receive exclusive Kevin V. Thai sales

Customization experience where members can choose color, style and fit

Exclusive lifestyle package

Invitations to our pre-sale launching parties

Receive the latest news on fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle through KVT exclusive magazine

Special birthday gift
By shopping the Kev Boutique, KVT customers will receive a special package or product sample with every purchase provided by KVT and its partners.
Your brand will be associated and marketed with other premium brands, all of which can lead to prospective new customers for you.
Provide us promotional samples to be distributed in the Kev Boutique:

Promotional samples will be distributed with Kev Boutique purchases made by KVT customers

Company logo will appear on KVT online boutique as a brand partner
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