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Danny Phantom

No description

Dark Magician Girl

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom
Amorpho is the second known ghost who can shape shift at free will.
Archer Ghost
The Archer Ghost and his cohort, the Executioner Ghost
Bed sheet ghost
Behemoth was guarding the skeleton key that opens Sarcophagi of Forever Sleep where the Ghost King, Pariah Dark slept. The these two things where the source of his power is Ring of Rage and the Crown of Fire.
He is barely powerful enough to maintain a solid form outside of the Ghost Zone, but seems to have learned to take advantage of it in order to shape-shift.
Blood Blossoms
Blood Blossoms were used against witches and/or ghosts, when in their presence, it renders them not only powerless, but would have ghosts and familiar spirits withering in agony until the flowers were removed.
Box Ghost
"I am the Box Ghost! Beware!" The Box Ghost is able to control anything squared or box like. His most used weapon is bubble rap
The Bed sheet ghost was failed clone of Danny crated by Vlad Plasmius .
Box Lunch
She is the child of the Box Ghost and the Lunch Lady Ghost in that movie's future.
Bullet is Walker's second in command
"Everything is the way it's supposed to be..." Clockwork he is the master of all time. All he has to do to stop time is press a button on his Time Staff and say "Time Out" and he is the only one that can move when time out in less you are waring a time medallion as soon as he wants time to move he press that button and says "Time In" then time is moving again.
Clockwork adult
Clockwork baby
Clockwork old
Clone was failed clone of Danny crated by Vlad Plasmius .
Danny Fenton/Phantom
"GOING GHOST" Danny was a every day kid but his mom and dad where ghost hunters. His mom Madeline Fenton and his dad Jack Fenton made a Ghost Portal but they could never get it to work one day Danny was in it and something went wrong, little did he know he press the on button there was a flash and ghost DNA was added to his next thing you know he is the saver of both the Earth and Ghost Zone but that story is for a anther time.
Bed sheet ghost uncovered
Crown of Fire
It is an old ghost object once used by The Ghost King, Pariah Dark. If used while Ring of Rage, it gives the user infinite power.
Cujo is the ghost of a guard dog for Axion Industries. Hie might look harmless but hes not when mad can change form a cute harmless pup into a big monster dog.
Danielle Fenton/Phantom
"Do you want to ask questions; or you wanna kick some butt?" Danielle Phantom was the only clone that did not fail. But she was not stable she needed Danny Phantom's mid-morph DNA to be stable with out his mid-morph DNA she will be a pile of ectoplasm. But when Vlad said to put her life on the line to get Danny's mid-morph DNA she freed Danny Danny ask "Now your helping me" Danielle's Reply was "Do you want to ask questions; or you wanna kick some butt?" So they teamed up with him to defeat Vlad. After they defeated Vlad she told Danny "It's Dani with an I."
Dairy king
The Dairy King used to live in Vlad Masters' mansion, which used to be a castle. Now his ghost haunts the castle, wanting to be left alone.
Samantha "Sam" Manson
Samantha "Sam" Manson is one of Danny's best friends. She is a very self-proclaimed goth (much to her parents' dismay) and a strict Ultra-Recyclo Vegetarian (meaning "she doesn't eat anything with a face"). She wears dark clothing and has unholding interest in the subliminal and nether worldly, but combines this with an outspoken attitude on vegetarianism, animal rights and environmentalism.

Damon Gray
Damon Gray is Valerie's father and faithful employee of Axion Labs. He used to be in Axion's R&D division, where he created a "foolproof" security system for the lab.
Dash Baxter
Dash Baxter is the most popular guy in Casper High School. Quarterback of the football team - as well as a member of every sports team (basketball, etc) at Casper High.
"So you have wished it, so it shall be." Desiree is a ghost who travels the world granting anyone's deepest desires (wishes and desires expressed verbally i.e. "I wish..." or "I want...").
The Disasteroid is a giant asteroid made up entirely of the fictional, anti-ghost element ectoranium.
Dora the Dragon Ghost
Princess Dorathea ("Dora" Mattingly), or more commonly Dora the Dragon Ghost, or simply Dora, She is the lovely little sister of Prince Aragon and lives with him in a castle in the Ghost Zone that was it stuck in medieval times. Like her brother, she possess an Amulet of Aragon that allows her to turn into a dragon.
Amulet of Aragon
He is a member of the Masters Basters Download is smaller then the others and wears a grey hat.
Ectopuses are octopus-like ghosts (they only have four tentacles though, not eight). They are one of the first ghosts Danny ever fought.
Ember McLain
Ember McLain is a hard rocking siren-like ghost girl who feeds off the idol worship of teenagers. Her appearance, songs, and character in general portray her as a ghostly embodiment of teenage rebellion and disobedience to authority figures
Empress She-Wolf
Empress She-Wolf is a one-time character who appears only in the episode Reality Trip. She is one of a trio of nerds, who were transformed into super villains by the Fantasy Gem.
Executioner Ghost
The Executioner Ghost is the minion of Prince Aragon
Femalien is a female "alien" ghost, parody of the Predator alien from the Predator and Predator vs Alien franchisce. She came when Sam said "I wish something really bad happens to Paulina".
Fenton Family
Fenton Family, Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton, Jack Fenton, Madeline "Maddie" Fenton, and Daniel "Danny" Fenton/Phantom
Fenton Ghost portal
The Fenton Ghost Portal is the most frequently seen portal in the show and is normally kept closed by a barrier across the front. One important note about the portal is that the Ecto-Filtrator must be replaced every 6 months, or the portal will overload and create a massive explosion.
Frederich 'Freakshow' Isak Showenhower
Frederich 'Freakshow' Isak Showenhower. Has Cristall Ball Staff that allows him to control ghosts. He's worked with his whole life but he has a little thing called "Ghost Envy". But the thing he hates more then Danny is to be upstage by a "Ghost."
Fright Knight
Fright Knight is an ancient and powerful ghost, self-described as the spirit of Halloween and both The Ghost King's minion and second-in-command. The only way to stop him is to trap him inside a pumpkin by placing his sword inside and saying the poem to seal him within it.
Frostbite is a polar bear or yeti-like ghost in charge of the Realm of the Far Frozen in the Ghost Zone. Frostbite is the protector of the Infi-map.
Amity Park
Amity Park a nice place to live.
Clockworks lair
Casper high
Casper high where Danny, Sam, and Tucker go to School.
Axion Labs
Axion Labs is an industrial park and laboratory in Amity Park.
Ghost Snake and Ghost wolf
Ghost Snake and Ghost wolf are just some ghost that Danny Phantom had to fight.
Ghostwriter well the name said it all.
Guys In White
The Guys In White are the governments top secret ghost hunters.
Hobson is a butler who formerly served the Fenton Family for 3 days.
The Infi-map is a complete map of the locations of all natural and man-made ghost portals into and out of the Ghost Zone
Jack Fenton
Jack Fenton is the father of Jazz and Danny,
Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton is the brother of Danny and she was the first one in her family to find out Danny's secret.
John Fenton Nightingale
John Fenton Nightingale is Jack Fenton's ancestor from Salem, Massachusetts, in the 1600s. He shares the same desires for hunting for, along with ghosts, witches. He is seen using Blood Blossoms, rose-like flowers that emit energy that weaken ghosts. It is unknown of any of his witch hunting equipment.
Johnny 13
Johnny 13, He never had a problem with gambling he had a problem with losing. He went to a dinner and the first lucky thing that happen said "What can i get you" her name was Kitty. She had a big fight with her dad and left with Johnny . She ask Johnny if they should be wrering helmets he said don't worry Kitty I'm feeling lucky but he wasn't they both died by getting hit by a truck.
Kitty was in love with
Klemper pops out of nowhere
Kwan is Dash's friend
Lance Thunder
Lance Thunder is a weather man
Lunch Lady Ghost
The Lunch Lady Ghost, also know simply as The Lunch Lady
Lydia is Freakshow's loyal ghost sidekick, and the only one to obey him without being hypnotized. Her most notable characteristic is that her body is covered in tattoos that she can bring to life and control.
Madeline Fenton
Madeline "Maddie" Fenton is the beautiful wife of Jack Fenton and the mother of Jazz and Danny Fenton
Masters Blasters
Masters Blasters is a team created by Vlad to make Danny look bad and stop ghost hunting.
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