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scouts scrapbook

No description

alexis geiget

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of scouts scrapbook

scouts scrapbook
by: alexis geiger
period 7

atticus showing his skills with a rifle
dills first greeting
this photo was take the day we met dill
night of the fist day of school
atticus told me i could still read with him
court case
Atticus was asked to take a man named toms case, he is a black man with a bad arm.
the night boo save jem and scouts life from bob ewell
dear, Mr. Radley
this is to all the trouble my brother, Friend and i have caused you over the summer, especailly since you had enough concern to give me a blanket during the fire. we were just curious and you dont really come out thta much, and if you would like i could invite you over for dinner one night. we did that to a boy in my class because i beat him up. i got sent to the kitchen to eat my food because i called him out on his table manners. i promise i wont amke any fun of you. i am also thanking you for taking care of my brothers pants.
the items boo put in the tree
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