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PIC Process Introduction

What schools should consider.

Paul Smyth

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of PIC Process Introduction

How can ICT transform learning? What do you want to achieve?
What are the interests and skills of your staff?
What ICT do you already have?
What legacy equipment do you need to replace?
What can you afford?
What is coming on the horizon? Pedagogical Change Pedagogic approach swinging towards active, collaborative and personal learning..... What does successful learning look like? What will be required from the learning spaces? Useful websites
Wii remote interactivity projects: http://johnnylee.net/projects/wii/
What’s new in gadgets & gizmos: http://gizmodo.com/
Educational innovation blog: http://flux.futurelab.org.uk/
Links to education ICT related sites: http://www.linktry.blogspot.com/
Practical examples of ICT in schools: http://edte.ch/blog/
Using ipod Touch in education: http://projects.minot.k12.nd.us/groups/chris/weblog/5ce29/Why_an_iPod_Touch_in_education_.html Things to consider Training and support requirements
Ease of use
Security and storage
How will resources be shared? Use of personally owned devices
Use of legacy devices
Access to power and data
Security, storage and charging
Cable management BSF Introduction to PIC
Paul Smyth What can ICT contribute? Fixed versus mobile presentation tools
Pupil engagement
Can everyone see and hear?
High/low cost solutions Flexible use of space
Security and storage
Bank of ICT resources – perhaps across the whole BSF school estate?
Case studies and research projects
Use of students own devices
Use of free and open source tools and resources, e.g.
Cooliris Cartoon Maker itunesU
Picasa Smoothboard Flickr
Wordle YouTube Ventuz
SkitchAR Toolkit Promethean Planet ‘The classroom is the most visible symbol of an educational philosophy.’

Nair and Fielding 2005 Thank You
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