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Ferring New Store Opening

No description

Emma Quarmby

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Ferring New Store Opening

Ferring New Store Opening What Did We Do? 20th October: Big Hello
2nd and 3rd November: AOYD
5th - 11th November: Welcome to Asda- Opening Week Sampling
10th November: Rugby Bonfire Night
24th & 25th November: ES Christmas Sampling
28th & 30th November: Community Care
1st & 2nd December: ES Christmas Sampling
2nd December: Sussex Family Christmas Fair
8th & 9th December: ES Christmas Sampling
15th & 16th December: ES Hamper
18th December: ES Hamper Winner Big Hello! The new Ferring Store opened on Monday 5th November, therefore ASDA hosted a ‘Big Hello’ before the launch.

The Big Hello is put in place to educate new colleagues around ASDA and its associated brands/ facilities (e.g. CBY and Extra Special ).

4x CPM colleagues attended the event sampling a range of CBY & Extra Special food allowing new ASDA colleagues to try products from the brand. Colleagues also held a CBY taste test to raise awareness with the new ASDA workers. ASDA on Your Doorstep Aiming to raise awareness for the new store, communicating the fantastic range and value available!

4x colleagues went into the community with the MSU, aiming to spread the word about the new store. Colleagues distributed free loaves of bread and a leaflet whilst engaging with potential customers about what the new ASDA will have to offer! Welcome to Asda- opening week sampling On opening day our colleagues were there to welcome customers to ASDA and highlight the fantastic quality and range available!

6x colleagues supported the store launch day sampling bakery products to customers and engaging them around the in-store facilities and Chosen By You range.

Colleagues also made customers aware of the ASDA Price Guarantee - ASDA will now guarantee comparable grocery shopping is 10% cheaper, or they will give you the difference back in vouchers Rugby Bonfire Night 6x Colleagues attended the Local rugby bonfire sampling hot winter food from the Marquee. Colleagues engaged with customers around the Chosen By You range as well as informing them about what their new local ASDA has to offer!

We sampled hot fresh soup with the bakery tiger bread, along with a variety of hot CBY desserts and custard. We also sampled quiches, hot pasta bakes and sausage rolls all from the CBY range! The home team were playing at the rugby club so we were soon inundated with people who were eager to to try the chosen by you range!

Everyone loved the Scotch eggs, Savoury pastries and Bakewell tarts.

By About 5pm a large majority of the people were gone, so colleagues started to prepare for the bonfire and fireworks putting on CBY Fresh Soup, Pasta, Sausages, Garlic Bread as well as hot custard and a range of various hot deserts! The response from the local community as they came in for the fireworks was absolutely amazing

"Thank you ASDA we love the Chosen By You Range"

"Absolutely Gorgeous food"

" We are so glad ASDA has come to Ferring! Its such good quality yet so much cheaper to do your weekly shop!"

"This Chosen By You Range is the only food I ever buy"
At the end of the evening the manger of the rugby club came and thanked us so much for all that we had done and said we had done a fabulous job. Customer Comments Extra Special Christmas sampling Due to the new store opening, our aim was not only to welcome customers to ASDA but to highlight the fantastic quality and range available

2x Colleagues were in store two days for three weeks showcasing the Extra Special range from ASDA, handing out Christmas sample ideas as well as engaging with customers about the delicious Leith's recipes Customer Comments On the first day of activity colleagues went out into the community visiting local residents, small businesses, shops and into the town center of Goring . We had a wonderful reaction from the local people, they all very excited at the prospect of their new Asda.

We liaised with the store throughout the day as they were keen to know the community perception and reaction to the products we sampled which was fantastic.

Day 2 got off to a great start as the bakery were really prepared and had baked nearly 1000 pancakes for us to sample.
We promptly hit the streets of Broadwater and Rushington as these are the areas the store were keen for us to cover. Morrissons were obviously threatened by our activity as they instructed their van and trailer to follow our squad everywhere. We managed to reach places they couldn't on foot.

The general feedback from the local community was excitement and most people were really pleased that we were opening so soon. We reminded the public That ASDA are the lowest price supermarket and have been for the last 15 years.

"The Quality of the bread and pancakes from the bakery are great!"
"What a generous offering from ASDA, we cant wait for the store to open, I will save so much money on my weekly shop"
" We have needed an ASDA for so long, and from what you have been saying there is going to be a lot to offer"
"Will there be a petrol station as Ferring is in need of one!"
"ASDA sounds like it has so much to offer! The free bread from the Bakery is such a good idea to hand out before the new store opens"

A lot of people were asking about a petrol station, and if Asda were going to open one . The general consensuses amongst the community is that it is much needed. Seven out of ten people asked this question giving the same reply. Customer Comments The activity generated fantastic awareness for the Extra Special Leiths range on both weeks of the activity. People were impressed with the high quality taste and appearance. "These Extra Special mince pies look and taste like really high end products" Throughout the activity, the stall was situated in a high footfall area, which generated a significantly high engagement opportunity. "Wow fantastic! I love being able to try all these delicious samples in store! I'll need to check out the full Extra Special Leiths range in-store - it's brilliant!

"I love these all butter Christmas Trees! They look and taste great!"

"The Extra Special range is fantastic. I'm really impressed at the brilliant quality from ASDA!"

"The Christmas range this year is at such high quality! The Mince pies are delicious, I will definitely be purchasing these" Community Care We worked within in the local community, engaging with community groups and handing out Extra Special Leiths Xmas hampers. Colleagues also engaged with customers around the Extra Special Leiths range highlighting the quality and range available in-store.

Our colleagues visited the following community groups over two days.

Worthing Society for the Blind
Elm Grove School
Thomas a Beckett First School
Angmering Community Centre
Ferring Country Centre
Link Romania
Worthing High School
Worthing Food Bank
Durrington Scouts
Chestnut Tree House Sussex Family Christmas Fair After the new store opening we wanted to cement ASDA’s relationship with the community by supporting a community event and highlight the fantastic quality and range available.

3 colleagues attended the Sussex Family Christmas Fair to engage the public around the Extra Special Leiths Christmas range. Colleagues communicated the stores key selling points and offered festive samples. Children also had the chance to choose a lucky dip prize which consisted of fun presents like coloring pens and activity books. Customer Comments Overall the colleagues had great feedback from the activity and positive reactions from the Extra Special food that was sampled. We also donated two ES hampers to the Charity raffle to help raise money for Worthing Hospital "What a great idea to hand out free samples from the new ASDA! I haven't been to the new store yet but this Christmas range is such good quality!"

"The all butter Christmas tress are delicious!! I will be purchasing these for Christmas eve the kids will love them"

"Thanks you the Extra Special Hampers to go in the raffle! It seems to have encourage more entries due to everyone enjoying the free samples!"

"The mini mince pies are so tasty, and such a perfect size so they are not so sickly!"

" We have done our shopping at the new ASDA a couple of times already and love it! It will save us so much money on our weekly shop. "

" I was not aware that the Extra Special ASDA range was such high quality" Extra Special Hampers Customer Comments "What a lovely treat from ASDA thank you so much!"

"There are some really great products in this hamper, the Extra Special range looks really high quality, Thanks ASDA"

"What a lovely gift the kids will love the Christmas treats"

"This is a great way to raise awareness of the new store! such a generous offer on behalf of ASDA"

""The hamper is great! Its not often you get anything for free nowadays - Thanks ASDA! We will hand out some of these ASDA gift guides to visitors of the community center" 2x colleagues were situated in store engaging with customers around the high quality of the Extra Special Leiths Christmas range. Customers were also offered samples to highlight the quality available. Customers were also encouraged to enter the exclusive competition for their chance to win an Extra Special Christmas Hamper which catered dinner for up to 6 people. The competition closed on 20th December and the winner was drawn at random on 21st by XXX at customer services.

Leaflet Redemption:

Winner: Name " Comment" LCS Likes:

The timing of the campaign allowed us to focus on the Luxury of the Christmas Extra Special Range

the community really enjoyed and appreciated us when we got out and about both with pre and post opening awareness

We had lots to engage about as the public were so receptive to our colleagues

The public loved the luxury of the Extra Special range as well as the price and quality of the Chosen By You range

All our colleagues were local so it helped us to target the best and busiest areas

The in store sampling was a huge hit and the store thought we added a great buzz to the aisles


Although the whole campaign was a success we did find it annoying when Morrisons tried to hinder our efforts. Suggestions:

There are no further suggestions for this campaign, however it was really helpful that the store were really on board with our colleagues therefore having a strong relationship with the store will be positive for future activities
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