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Poetry presentation

No description

Chitranshu Srivastava

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Poetry presentation

Down hill on a bicycle
by:-Henry Charles Beeching Poem
WITH lifted feet, hands still,
I am poised, and down the hill
Dart, with heedful mind;
The air goes by in a wind.

Swifter and yet more swift, 5
Till the heart with a mighty lift
Makes the lungs laugh, the throat cry:—
'O bird, see; see, bird, I fly.

'Is this, is this your joy?
O bird, then I, though a boy 10
For a golden moment share
Your feathery life in air!'

Say, heart, is there aught like this
In a world that is full of bliss?
'Tis more than skating, bound 15
Steel-shod to the level ground. Summary This poem is about a kid who is riding his bicycle downhill and having fun. After sometime when he starts catching speed he think he is bird soaring through air. During this time he is thinking to himself if there is anything better than riding a bicycle downhill. But then hill end and his speed slows and then he look forward to the next run downhill. Poem Speed slackens now, I float
Awhile in my airy boat;
Till, when the wheels scarce crawl,
My feet to the treadles fall. 20

Alas, that the longest hill
Must end in a vale; but still,
Who climbs with toil, wheresoe'er,
Shall find wings waiting there. Poem Analysis Rhyme Scheme:- This poem does have a rhyme scheme which rhymes in consecutive lines. Ex:-
WITH lifted feet, hands still, A
I am poised, and down the hill A
Dart, with heedful mind; B
The air goes by in a wind. B Poem Analysis Personification: This poem had large amounts of personification to add interest to the poem. Ex:-Make the lungs laugh and the throat cry. Alliteratation:-This poem had some amounts of alliteration. Ex:- Make the lungs laugh and the throat cry. Analysis Cont. Quatrains:- the stanza's of the poem contain 4 line each. Rhyme:-This poem contains a lot of rhyming to make sound like a song. Ex:- Hill (line 1),Still(line 2) Poem Analysis Repetition:-This poem has a large amount of repetition which is used to put stress on the important parts of the poem. Ex:- Is this, is this your joy?

Iambic pentameter:- This poem is written in iambic pentameter which consists of four unstressed and stressed syllables Theme Theme The theme of this poem is that the fruit of hard work is always sweet. THE END Evidences Some piece of evidence that prove this are :-

"Who climbs with toil, wheresoe'er, Shall find wings waiting there."
This evidence show that who ever put in the effort to climb the hill will have a great time coming down it.

" 'Is this, is this your joy? "
This piece of evidence shows that the effort he put into climbing the mountain has paid off as he is having fun coming downhill. Rhythm:- There is a sense of rhythm to this poem which help this poem sound like a song.
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