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Web 2.0

These are the things i want to use in my 4 years of high school.

Anthony Graham

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Web 2.0

10 Things I would Like To Use In My 4 Years Of High School. What It Is About Web 2.0 - In the web now days you can do much more than just reading. Social Networking This is a way with web 2.0 where you can share and post things instantly to share with the world. Twitter Twitter is an online social network that lets you post short 140 characters updates about your life.We can use twitter to help us know what we need to do when we miss school and to make up projects. Flickr Flickr is an online photo sharing website where you can upload, edit, and share with other people.You can use this to upload photos and use them for your presentation of something like an Abraham Lincoln presentation. Google Docs An online worksheet that is accessible for anywhere and by to multiple people (if chosen). Blogs
Share your best practices the moment you have a new insight. Blogging can help us to share ideas about a certain topic that we are talking about in school.  Cloud Computing An easy way to access and store things online using the cloud. For ex. you work on a essay at the library and save it on google docs, you will be able to access it at home. RSS Lets you subscribe to everything from the wall street journal to your schools news.This could help because when you forgot about your homework you could look on your teacher’s page and see what you have to do. Podcast/Webcast Digital media file available on the internet.This could be helpful for the people that don’t like reading books much so instead of reading they listen. A wiki is somewhere where you can hold digital information in central a location. We can use wiki’s to reference about something that we need to do, or maybe just learn about certain topics. Wiki Online Bookmarks Bookmarks remember the web address name that way you can keep up with websites. You can use this for a research project. Say you found a good website at school and you wanted to access it at home but you forgot the name well if you use an online bookmark you can log in and access it on your computer at home.
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