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The American Presidency

Defining the Presidency

Luis Bardales

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of The American Presidency

Defining Presidency By: Luis Bardales Having rebelled against King George III the colonists did not want to be ruled by a central authority, such as a king anymore How did presidency emerged? There were many disputes over the power in the colonies. Later on colonist relized they need a person with executive leadership to lead the coloines The New Republic Once the decision was made, all signs of the british ruling were taken down such as statues of king George III George Washington George Washington was one of the most famous patriots and leaders in the revolution. He was the most known General and little doubt he was not going to be president. He was elected president but colonists still feared the thought of monarchy. Continental Congress The body of government was the continental congress. The representives of each state came and discussed about their colonies and the articales of confederation. The Constitutional convention The constitutional convention pretty much covered up all the stuff that the continental congress didn't. They cover stuff such as the states' debts. They also created a new type of government with three branches and checks and balances among them. Establishing the Presidency A lot of people did not know what responsibilities should the president hold. Another problem was power, the president did not want to treated with regal so he decided for the people to call him Mr. President. George Washington was introduced to his branches and now the work began. Furnishing the mansion George Washington's new home was customized to his personal comfort. They made the house in a Southern virginian gentlemenly way. Farewell Address George Washington's term ended when John Adams came into presidency. He was demecrat but George Washington wrote a farewell adress wishing him the best of luck and that they should treat him the same way the did to him.
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