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Treaty Of New Enchota

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on 27 January 2016

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Transcript of Treaty Of New Enchota

Treaty Of New Echocha
By:Ashely & Brianna

Treaty of New Enchota. It cost three men, their lives and provided the legal basis for the Trail of Tears, the forcible removal of the Cherokee Nation from Georgia. The Treaty of New Echota was signed on this day in 1835, ceding Cherokee land to the U.S. in exchange for compensation.The treaty had been negotiated by a Cherokee leader, Major Ridge, who claimed to represent the Cherokee Nation when, in fact, he spoke only for a small faction.

What Did They Do ?
The discovery of gold in north Georgia led to the Cherokee Removal Bill in 1830, and whites swarmed over Cherokee land. Without authorization from Cherokee Chief John Ross, Ridge and a few other Cherokee signed the Treaty of New Enchota and agreed to removal west of the Mississippi in exchange for $5 million.

Fast Facts
Thank You

What Is The Treaty Of New Enchota?
Which was involved in The Treaty Of Enchota.
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