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Marine Ecosystems

No description

Alisha Ayres

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Marine Ecosystems

Our group's lines of Inquiry
1.Symbiotic relationships of marine life

2.Human impact on marine life

3. We have the responsibility to protect marine life

4. Organizations and individuals from around the world can help marine life and ecosystems


Our 5 Components
For our technology component

we decided to do a website. Since
we had to incorporate spanish into
it we translated some portions of
website into spanish!
For our art piece we did a

sculpture of mangroves, sea
grass and the coral reefs
Since this was the individual part
of exhibition, half of us did a 7
paragraph essay and the other half

did an interview!!
Our group decided to do a beach clean-up.

It took place at Barr bay, also known as Witches Brew.We choose that beach because we thought it had the most trash on it, and if it went into the sea it could kill loads of sea life!!

There was so much trash on the beach...
We even found a fridge there!!!!
Lastly, for our performance we decided to do a game show....
which you will see in a minute

Wild Wednesday
Marine Ecosystem Edition
Marine Ecosystems
Our Central Idea
Individuals and groups can make a

difference by working together to

take action in order to find peaceful

solutions to local and global issues.
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