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The Locumator - new


Locumator II

on 21 November 2015

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Transcript of The Locumator - new

Key Issues
- Doctors get cold calling from agency all hours of the day

- Doctors not getting paid on time and having to chase

- Doctors not able to access all jobs available across multiple locations in a timely manner

- Little visibility and accountability for poor service from locum Doctors and hospitals

- Agency charging large commisions to hospitals to find suitable doctors

- Agency cannot fulful all NHS jobs

- Doctors need to physically go to agencies to provide correct paperwork to work
Working Prototype
Key selling points
Improvements in clinical quality from 'regulars' who understand organisation and accountable for performance
More efficient communications & eased back-office administration
Reduction in agency spend by facilitating bank use from in-house staff
Wireframes: https://marvelapp.com/52254j#6305433

How - Process
Process to build
- Understand Issues to solve
- List key Features of app (MVP)
- Create Wireframes
- Create designs for key screens
- Prototype responsive key screens
- Marketing
The Tech
Build a 'One Stop Shop' app
Key Features:

- One time online registration for doctors with automated realtime checks
- NHS Job posting board for the UK
- Search, apply and accept jobs online for doctors
- Rate doctors
- Rate hospital workplace
- Automated Pay/Bill
- Account history
How - Tech
From the Telegraph:
From the 2 billion pounds that the NHS has spent for locum doctors over the last two years 'Hospitals are being forced to pay the firms behond the sceneds upto £40 an hour in commision - as much as £900 a shift for each locum provided on top of the doctors salaries'

"Agencies commision, is on average is 18 percent of the doctors salary, but can be far higher"
Market advantage
For locum doctors and the NHS and us
- Accountability - rated penalties for locums not showing up
- Reduced/removed agency commision
- Acess to larger pool of Doctors fast, and not limited by location
- Save time - no calling agencies

- 'Pull' jobs instead of waiting for agencies to 'Push'
- Removes cold calling from agencies
- accessibility to a large pool of jobs anywhere in the UK immediately
- Allows search/acceptance of new jobs quickly/online
- Guaranteed payment within 7 days of job completion
- Get job you want
- Rate hospitals to ensure accountability and improve workplaces

- Disrupt the current agengy model - provide "one-stop-shop'with minimal commision
- Connects doctors with jobs faster with a wider job net
- Provide accountability for doctors and NHS to help them improve
- Lower admin costs (internal and external)
NHS Hack Day
May 2015

An app which helps hospital schedulers and doctors to fill
vacant slots with bank staff.
iPhone front end application for doctors to:
search shifts
manage shifts
Parse back end
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