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Year 10 Unseen Poetry - Rossetti 'A Birthday'

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Abigail El-Bekai

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Year 10 Unseen Poetry - Rossetti 'A Birthday'

By Rossetti A Birthday Work out the subject of the poem. What is the poem about? What is the poem saying? Why have they written the poem? What is the intended effect on the reader? Identify purpose, theme and messages What are the different emotions, moods and feelings expressed in the poem? How has the poet used techniques to achieve this? Emotions, moods and feelings What techniques are used and how do they create the emotions, moods or feelings in the poem?

Look for:

1. Form
2. Structure
3. Literary devices
4. Imagery

Use the literary devices sheet to help you.
Techniques How does the poem make you feel? How does the poet get its message across and how has it impacted you or a reader?
How can the poem be interpreted in different ways? Your thoughts and feelings about the poem
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