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Businesses in the Global Marketplace Project

POB 1st

Ryan Johnson

on 26 September 2011

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Transcript of Businesses in the Global Marketplace Project

GDP- $344.2 Billion Exports:$64.87 billion, petroleum, bauxite and aluminum, minerals, chemicals, agricultural products, and basic manufactures. Imports: $31.37 billion, agricultural products, raw materials, machinery and equipment, and construction materials. South
America North America GDP: $14.72 trillion GDP Per Capita: $47,400 Exports: 1.27 Trillion United States Agricultural products, industrial supplies, capital goods, and consumer goods. Imports: 1.903 Trillion Agricultural products, industrial supplies, capital goods, consumer goods. GDP Per Capita- $12,600 You are here Federal Republic Venezuela Trades With: United States Netherlands Antilles Dominican Republic Columbia Brazil Mexico Mixed Economy Venezuela is a part of the United Nations (UN) Debt $55.61 billion Venzuela uses the bolivar as currency 100 Venzeulan Bolivars= 23.26 American dollars International Marketplace Venezuela is mainly in the middle of the international marketplace. They don't import and export that many goods. Venezuela dosn't affect the international marketplace that much, except for their oil production, where they are the 8th biggest country in oil production. Venzuela is part of the world trade organization, but is not a World Bank member.
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