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Parent Night - Westmoore Elementary

For our 6-8 parents.

Keely Ellis

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Parent Night - Westmoore Elementary

Each student will receive a planner from the school.
Planners are the main source of communication for
teachers, parents, and students.
(cc) photo by Jakob Montrasio
Westmoore's Middle School Parent Night
Journey to Greatness!
Start Time:
School will begin at 7:30am this year.
Students who arrive between 7:00 and
7:10 will report to the auditorium.
Breakfast begins at 7:10. Students who are not
eating breakfast need to report to their class
at 7:15.
Break orders will be taken
in homeroom and must be
placed by 7:30am.
Students can also bring
a snack from home to have
during break.
School Fees:
School fees for Middle school students are $10. Parents can pay online at http://osp.osmsinc.com/moorenc/ or send student fees to the homeroom teacher as soon as possible.
Battle of the Books (BOB)
Time commitment:

Some practices will be held after school.
The student will be responsible for attending
practices and making sure he/she has a ride
home after practice.
Students will be given a list of 24 books.
Students will be responsible for reading at least 6
of the 24 books at home. Students will be
asked to do an assignment with each book.
A student may be asked to reread a book to
help with recall.
Time commitment:

Some practices will be held after school.
The student will be responsible for attending
practices and making sure he/she has a ride
home after practice.
Students will be given a topic to research. Students
will be responsible for staying focused at practice, and
reading through the materials at home. Students will
be expected to write out their speeches as well as
Students will be expected to keep track of homework assignments in their planners. Because the purpose of homework is to support what is happening in the classroom at that moment, homework will not be accepted more than one day late.
If a student has an excused absence, they will be given
two days for every day they are absent to make up their
work. Students are responsible for coming to the teachers
in the morning or after school to get any work they have
Dress Code
Students are expected to maintain a neat and well groomed appearance.
Some types of dress code violations appear more than others. Here are the violations that occur the most often along with a few changes in dress code from last year.
Soffes, most often used for girls' sports,
should not be worn during school hours.
All shorts must be AT LEAST mid thigh in
Appropriate neckline must be evident
at all times.

Please make sure that your child wears an
undershirt that fits properly and won't drop
too low throughout the day.
P.E. -
Students will have 40 minutes of P.E. which means they will need to dress out for P.E. and back into their clothes quickly. Remind your child to keep this in mind as he or she plans their outfit for the school day.
Each student's P.E. grade will be based on participation, dressing out, and health assignments.
Please respect our students and
teachers with allergies by remembering:
No Aerosol deodorants.
No Axe deodorants.
No spray on perfume.
Beta Club
Invitations are offered in the fall of each year to 6,7, and 8 grade students who have met requirements from the previous year's last three report cards.
Requirements Include:
A combined class average of 92.5 or higher
No grades below 85 in any class
No suspensions
Standards must be maintained throughout the year.
All members are expected to complete 10 community service hours by May of each school year. Membership dues are $20 due date TBD.
Members are also expected to attend
monthly meetings, participate in club sponsored activities, and uphold a high standard of honesty and good character. Members may be asked to donate items for projects from time to time.
Beta Club Convention: Members must participate in a project of some type to attend (see Mrs. McNeill for details). The convention is usually in February, and the cost is roughly $80 and is dependent on the number of students attending. Chaperone cost is a fraction of the student cost.
Students will fill in homework assignments
for each class, everyday. Students will be responsible
for making sure that a parent or guardian signs the
planner each night.
Students will need their planners to leave the classroom for any reason (restroom, library, etc.)
This year, a bar code will be placed on the planners so that the students can use their planners as their library card.
Planners are also a great place to write notes to your child's teachers.
(Concerns, questions, ride changes, notes of interest)
Teachers will be including notes about behavior,
as well as listing any concerns (missing homework,
Since lockers are aged, they will not take a lock. No valuables should be left in lockers. We are looking into having them repaired and refurbished.
Students may only use the lockers
assigned to them, and will be assigned
locker times to visit their lockers.
Students will need to get the permission
of a teacher to visit their lockers outside of
those times.
Students will be assigned a computer/Ipad number and might be held responsible to pay for any damages done to the computer while in their use.
A student must be passing three or more core classes to be eligible to play sports.
A current physical must be on file BEFORE tryouts.
Tdap booster:
All 6th graders must have the Tdap
booster by October 1.
We are an I3Laser School!
Come in and find a seat.

Be sure to get a parent welcome packet for your child's grade level.

A short presentation will be shown and then we will have a question and answer time.

Rips in pants or shorts
Rips in clothing will be allowed
as long as the rips are in appropriate
locations (i.e., not on thighs,
near back pockets, etc.)
A Mandatory Parent Athletic Meeting will be held
on Tuesday, August 28th at 6:30pm at North Moore.
If your child is planning on playing any sport, they must attend.
Our school was one of four schools selected in Moore County to participate in phase one of the i3 Laser research study sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Education, National Science Resources Center, and the Smithsonian Institution.
The program is documented to lead to measurably
higher levels of science learning. It has also been shown
to improve overall reading and writing skills.
This project provides four years of professional development
for our middle school science teachers in inquiry based
instruction as well as materials and kits for our science program.
Your students will see this project take shape through some
changes in classroom practices.
For example, science notebooking will be an important part of your student's science education. All middle grades students will learn how to keep and maintain a science notebook.
Participation in this project will transform our
science program and advance our students in
science education. For more information please visit:
School board policy defines bullying as
anything that "places a student or school
employee in actual or reasonable fear of harm
to his or her person or damage to his or her
property" OR "creates a hostile environment"
Bullying or harassing behavior is prohibited on all levels: between students, between teachers and students, between coworkers, and between parents and teachers.
Cyber Bullying
Cyber Bullying is the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior, by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others.
Cyber Bullying happens most often through Facebook, My Space, and Texting.
If your child is experiencing cyber bullying or sees that a friend is being bullied, have him or her print off the comments and bring them to Mrs. Scott or their teacher.
Are there any questions?
We are excited about our expanded activity classes. In order to do this students will have PE for one semester, but with the extended PE class time, they will still receive their required minutes for the year.
forming now!
For the first time in several years
Westmoore Middle Schoolers will have a chorus!
We are so excited to be the first group of performers in this comeback! We look forward to exploring the possibilities and setting a high standard for creativity, good music, and good
We’ve always had good singers here – but it’s been several years since we’ve had the opportunity to SING and PERFORM TOGETHER.
So STAY TUNED (pun intended!) for more info unfolding regularly. And get ready to LISTEN, SING, PLAY, and MOVE TOGETHER!
Seventh and eighth grade boys who would like to play football for the North Moore Colts should sign up on the Athletic Booster Bulletin Board in the school lobby. We will practice Friday, 8-24, at the Elise Middle School gym from 3:30 until 5:00. Wear shorts and tennis shoes. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU BEGIN PRACTICING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Beginning Monday, 8-27, practices will be at the Davis Center on Hwy. 705 from 3:30 to 5:30. The school will provide transportation to the Davis Center and back to Westmoore or you can be picked up at the Davis Center. ALL ATHLETES MUST HAVE A CURRENT PHYSICAL ON FILE IN THE SCHOOL OFFICE BEFORE BEGINNING PRACTICE!
Boosters Sports Pass:
student $10
adult $20
admission with pass to all home games played at Westmoore
Volunteers Needed!
If you are interested in volunteering
in the classroom this year, please
pick up a volunteer form in the office.
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