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Think like a Tesla, Write like an Edison

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Sarah Stevenson

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Think like a Tesla, Write like an Edison

Building the ability to communicate ideas effectively Think like a Tesla
Write like an Edison Take Nikola Tesla for example This greed plagued most of Tesla's career, and he spent the majority of it being broke.
He had brilliant ideas, but wasn't able to sell them effectively, or persuade others to invest in them. Which is why, although we might work to be as utterly BRILLIANT as Nicola Tesla, we should learn to communicate- to write- as well as an Edison. Why is writing SO IMPORTANT? Why does writing matter if I don't plan on becoming an author or a journalist? BECAUSE no matter what you do, no matter
how brilliant you are, if you cannot communicate
your ideas effectively to your peers,
persuade them, or convince them to buy what
you are selling... you cannot be successful. Who was he?
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