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The Goddess Athena

No description

Jillian Do

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of The Goddess Athena

The Mark of Athena
Major Conflict
The conflict of the story is that Gaea is reawakening and will destroy the world if not stopped. She has her evil giant minions to try and reawaken her, but it doesn't mean that they will succeed.
Setting #1
Camp Jupiter (Oakland Hill, CA):The quest's warship, the Argo II, was commanded by Leo, the creator of the vessel. He was possesed by an eidilon, which caused him to fire the ship's ballistae at the Roman Camp. This cause the Romans to want to go into a demi-god civil war between the camps.
Rising Action
The three girls aboard the ship and go into Charleston to meet up with a "ghost", who turns out to be Venus/Aphrodite, and talk. Frank, Jason, and Leo went to a museum to talk to some ghosts, which didn't turn out to well, as to they were chased out by them. Percy went into the harbor to do sea-demigod things. Here, the Romans caught up to them and they fight at Fort Sumter, where Annabeth finds an important clue for the Mark of Athena. The 7 meet Heracles/Hercules at the mouth of the Mare Nostrum (Mediterranean Sea), who allows them to enter the Ancient Lands. On one condition. Jason and Piper must go into the magical island they were on and take the one remaining horn of the river god Achelous. They were to get the horn and bring it to Hercules by sunset or they would all die. They return the horn, but trick Hercules and stall him long enough to escape with the horn (cornucopia). They then enter the Ancient Lands.
Rick Riordan
Percy and Annabeth are falling for and with each other (literally falling) while the other 5, and Coach Hedge, fly to return the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood to stop the demigod civil war. They will then head to Epirus to close the mortal Doors of Death, while Percy and Annabeth travel through Tartarus to close their side of the Door sof Death.
Not-So-Minor Conflict
The second major conflict of the story is that the Romans are mad at the Greeks for destroying part of New Rome, and want to go to war. They try to stop the Greeks from getting to the ancient land, not because they support Gaea, but because they want to kill the Greeks. as the 7 go to Rome, the Romans plan to attack Camp Half-Blood.
There are 7 main characters (spoken from 4 characters) in the book The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan.
1) *Percy*: (Poseidon/Neptune) {Greek}
2) *Annabeth*: (Athena/Minerva) {Greek}
3) *Leo*: (Hapheastus/Vulcan) {Both}
4) Frank: (Mars/Ares) {Roman}
5) Hazel: (Pluto/Hades) {Roman}
6) Jason: (Jupiter/Zeus) {Roman}
7) *Piper*: (Venus/Aphrodite) {Both}
Charleston, SCThis is where the Romans cath up to the 7. Reyna and Annabeth talk, and as Annabeth was going to convince her, a fight broke out. Annabeth finds a silver disk the size of a small plate, to help guide her on her journey to the Mark of Athena.
Setting #2
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